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  1. MY CSM #09SS0060 Super Snake Coupe Grabber Orange / Shelby 427 Nascar Pace Car Edition #424 of 427 Horse Power 725 Orange interior upgrade from Gary Disney. Levittown PA.
  2. This is my 2009 nascar 427 pace car edition, only 1 orange super snake made in 2009 with 427 nascar pace edition
  3. too whom it may concern I notice that my car was not on the 427 list. I own a grabber Orange 2009 GT500 SUPER SNAKE nascar 427 limited edition I am number #424 out of #427 and my super snake number is 09SS0060,VIN #1ZVHT88S495131556 this means that I am the only orange super snake in 2009 which the list that you have does not include my car. I also have car, number #426 of #427 and my car is a white 2009 GT500 with VIN#1ZVHT88S095137807, This car is the only interior upgrade with the seats and door panels in white, with the 427 interior package upgrade, the was approved by Amy Borlin, which Gary Disney got the approval. Please let me know that this list will be corrected. I can be reached any time at 215-677-4477. My name is Stephen Donapel
  4. I called 4 times about my order, with no returned phone call back or responce?
  5. Roger was a great guy from shelby, sorry to hear him go.
  6. http://www.ebay.com/itm/2007-2013-Shelby-GT500-Super-Snake-Wheel-/121039675383 This wheel is 20x9 incase to fix major curb damage. If you own a real super snake and you need a front wheel.
  7. I want everyones opinion before I send it to Shelby Auto to get it super snake 800 HP Or should I buy a 2013 GT500?
  8. I just want to thank everybody for your comments about (SUPER SNAKE WOULD BE MADE IF SHELBY ORDERED MORE). The reason why Shelby had a new run made was because of my Thread and all the comments that everyone made here. I can’t thank everyone enough for your help and for your comments, about making another run. From the very first time I seen these wheels, I was very impressed. Thanks JER for all your help. Stephen Donapel.
  9. Super snake wheels for sale on ebay

  10. WTB Any alcoa Super Snake, shelby forged, 50th anniversary for sall call me for quick sale cash!! 215-677-4477!!

  11. I live near the tri state area ,nj,ny,pa, please call it you bought them and you looking for a quick cash sale. Please call me 215-677-4477, my name is Steve
  12. Call me about your super snake wheels ,I have queastions 215-677-4477 My name is Steve
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