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  1. Hey Robert! Been away from the forums for awhile enjoying my widened 50th anniversary wheels, and taking care of two quickly growing little girls. These struts caught my eye and I'm interested. However I just have the stock '11 GT500 hood. It looks like the supersnake hood struts won't work for that purpose. Would you be willing to see the trunk struts separately, if so how much? Thanks, Jason
  2. I'm going to try and install the billet version on my '11 GT500 (non track pack) this weekend. I reviewed the instructions and have searched online, finding this thread with the recommendation to "preinstall the center link and center tie rod ends prior to bolting the brace into place.". Are there any other tips or tricks? I'm going to try and get my car backed up my race ramps and let the front sit on the ground. I've only ever pulled up the ramps and that was a PITA so this should be interesting. How about, how are you guys measuring to see the rear end is centered within the car? I have to be exact because I have 11.5 Alcoas with 335/30 tires and the Alcoas had the hubs shaved by .25". So I have very little side to side room to play with between the fender and wheel well. Thus the reason I'm going to a watts link.
  3. Hey vapor, tried to send you a pm but you cannot receive new messages. Mind if I post it here? I'm in pretty big need of advice and its only after I've done a ton of reading and extensive testing (for someone without a shop) of my own. Hey Vapor, I read your Boss build thread and was just floored on how you took a good car and made it great. Easily the best looking car on the site in my opinion, congrats. I have an 11 Gt500 that my next year plan is to put the 13 tvs blower on. So this year I'm working on traction. I've been documenting my alcoa widening and tire fitment in the link below. I have standard 11 shocks, fr adj panhard, fr springs, relocated bump stops, and 11.5 alcoas. Yet I'm having side wall rub in and out of my driveway and highway dips on the outer fender. I'm thinking I should move to a watts link to prevent rubbing when the axle goes one side up/down. But the compression rubbing is confusing. Any tips you could provide would be extremely helpful. You have only a quarter inch more in width and less wheel gap then i, but a space ship rear suspension. I've documented the hell out of this and read like crazy. At this point I just need a new perspective. I'm only a quarter inch off your tire bulge. I know the differences are vast at this point, watts, springs, shocks and width. But I'm looking for ideas on the smaller/cheaper tweaks to get the 335 to work. I'm currently planning on switching to a watts and potentially have EV widen the wheels again to 12 this time to pull the sidewall back. But I wondered if I could control compression then a 11.5 might work and save me a ton of money. Thanks in advance for the time and thought, http://www.fordgt500.com/forums/showthread.php?t=30601
  4. Looks like you have the perf pack. Is that lower in the back then the base model? Could you do me a favor and take a pic from the side and then measure the distance from the ground to the top of the rear wheel arch? The taller tire helps fill the gap and I'm thinking about not lowering too since mine is a daily driver and it would make getting in and out of the driveway and work parking garage a pain. I am doing a widened rear 11.5 alcoa though which should help pull back the side wall. Thanks in advance!
  5. I'm going to try the same tires. I hope that widening the rear to 11.5 though keeps it pulled back from rubbing.
  6. Did you get it to work? Any pictures and are you stock height or lowered?
  7. Thanks for the update and extra picture!
  8. Hey AZ, Here is the link to ones I've seen in black. Not sure if it's fit the Alcoa though. I seem to recall one member on the FordGT500 forum taping over the cartoon snake emblem and painting his caps black to match the wheels. Have not seen a true black version of the Alcoa Snake cap though. http://www.shelbysto.../1130-snake.htm http://www.partscheap.com/Hubcap-p/5s3z-1130-shlbk.htm
  9. Nevermind Az, just realized you're running black Alcoas. Are you on a stock suspension or lowered?
  10. I'd also like to see a picture looking down at the tire/ wheel to see the bulge. Thinking of going with the same setup but widening the rear to 11.5 to pull the sidewall back. Then probably lower it on fr springs. Was thinking of leaving it stock but not sure. A class did rub with that tire on a 10 rim but that was lowered. Might not if the rim was wider though.
  11. You guys stink.....it's 18 degrees here in MN and I have 4 ft of snow in the front yard still. I've about a month out from pulling my Shelby out of the garage.
  12. That's understandable. While they cannot be replaced they can be repaired, which shipping insurance would cover us. I was also thinking that if mine showed up to you with damage then I'd ship yours back and vice versa if we didn't want to have a repaired rim. That and I'd add extra bubble wrap and cardboard to the front of the rim. Let me know if you change your mind and we can talk via phone to get more comfortable with each other. Grabber would vouch for my trustworthiness.
  13. Wow, ok. Didn't get a tracking number or anything via email like I did for the caps. I'm hoping ill just get a surprise soon.
  14. Jer, When is the latest sale of Alcoas going to ship out? Figured I'd ask here since I'm assuming there are others who might be wondering. I know the initial quote was 5-7 business days. Just didn't know if anything changed. Got my caps, excited for the wheels.
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