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  1. are you still able to get or produce the STB for the supersnake ?

  2. Is the 07 GT-H Convertible available? Anybody have one to sell?
  3. Good luck been looking for a month....let me know if you find some...Reg
  4. I just bought a GT-H convertible so that will happen....Reg
  5. bossreg

    Reg's Toys

  6. Here's one in St Louis who works on my super snake...Reg http://www.cravenperformance.com/
  7. I supply these to Shelby...if you have any issues let me know. I don't receive your emails so I can't let you know when they ship...with the holidays I took the week off yours will ship tomorrow...what is your order #.....Reg
  8. yes you can but you need the SS hood...this bar can be ordered without the engraving....I'm working on one for the GT500 but it's not done yet....
  9. Here are some pictures of the decals on a painted strut if you decide to paint body color....Reg
  10. They are being machined ask we speak...wanted them to be in stock before we listed them in the store....I want current pictures for the listing so I have to wait till the first batch is completed...Reg
  11. My strut brace has been approved by Shelby for the 2.8 KB and will be in the Performance Parts website in the next 7-10 days with all the options...have sent the 2010 Strut for approval and will see if it will clear the 3.4 Wipple and 3.6 KB....Reg
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