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    Shelby Automobiles, Italian Exotics, Am a Professional Musician (Drums and Percussion) Garden Railroading.

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  1. Mygusta

    Damn clutch!

    Dear Dejected, I'm on my third clutch, so I guess I'm lucky! I also have an '08 convert. it is the third revision model. The way i handled it was to buy the Ford extended warranty. Just before it expired,I bought an extended warranty on the extended warranty which will take me out to next year! All the replacements were covered! Ford admitted that there was a manufacturing defect in each clutch, in writing. (see posts in archives circa 2008-9- you may have to contact Shelby for the exact reference)
  2. I haven't been on this website for a while, but I have a full set of factory originals in pretty good shape including mounted and working tire pressure sensors that I would like to sell if you haven't already gotten replacements yet.
  3. I'm also interested in a N.J. group! We tried to start one back in '08. There was interest, but it didn't take off!
  4. Very interested! I'm in Passaic County. Hope it gets off the ground soon!
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