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  1. The 2010's were out much earlier than the 2013's, so i figured it would be much less.
  2. Guys, Does anyone know how many 2013 GT500's were produced? I think that they are in to 2014's now correct?
  3. The clutch feel is different than the 2010, but it wasnt as bad as i tought it would be after reading comments. I've had the car for 8-days now and am comfortable with the clutch feel.
  4. Thanks guys. I still cant believe I bit the bullet and bought it. Never thought that I'd pay $64K for a stang. I think I could have gotten 2 GT's for the same price. Car is very nice though. I hope it doesnt depreciate as quickly as my 2010 did. I took about a $10K bath on that, not counting the $8K in mods. Hay you only go around once.
  5. Yes I got the Recaro seats which are comfortable, but I do like to be able to lean my head back into the headrest without going past 90-degress and with the Recaros there is about 3-4" space without leaning yor head back. Maybe to accomidate a helmet?
  6. Didnt grow tired of the GB. I had the 2013 order as a GB with black stripes, but changed my mind last minute. I figured that if I was going to take a $26K loan out, I wanted to feel like I was driving a different car while looking down the hood. Love the GB and was very torn, but I really like the Candy with white.
  7. http://www.lmmc-ct.com/forums/showthread.php?t=64880 Traded in my 2010 GB GT500 for this baby. I only put 83 miles on it and first impression is that it is much smoother than my 2010 and it has better throttle responce too. I have not gotten used to the clutch yet. I like the 2010 clutch feel better and I like the position of the head rest better in the 2010, but all else is a definite improvement. I have no regrets taking out the loan for the 2013 (when my 2010 was arleady paid-off). This car is the bomb! This site wouldnt let me post my pic, so I attached a link to another site that has my pic.
  8. Mine will be in in a couple weeks, same color but I went with the white stripes. COngrats Ted.
  9. Not going to touch my 2013. Nothing works as well as the factory, where all components are properly matched and tested. Learned my lesson on my prev car to not mess with success and the 2013 is success.
  10. how do you look up the build info from the vin#. I have my vin# but dont know anything beyond that.
  11. Thanks for the ideas. I may just trade it in, but if they put bumps ADM's on the 13's I'll have to pass.
  12. Yes. I have my mind set on a 2013 GB, Vert with Black Stripes. My 2010 is a very good car with mods done properly and professionally for anyone in the market for a well taken care of , responsibly driven and non-abused car. If I cant get a fair price, Ill just keep it and see what 2014 brings. Thanks, Jim
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