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  1. Do you live in Parker? There are a few of us with Shelby gt's in Parker. I have a whipple on mine.
  2. I have the kr's on my 08 Shelby Gt convertible. They sound amazing and have no drone. We you jump on it the sound is awesome.
  3. They are both the same superchargers. I bought mine from a ford Motorsport dealer.
  4. Have you ever thought of going with a better tune? How much more horsepower can you expect? Are there any good tuners in Co?
  5. Where did you buy your fog light from?
  6. Just had a polished 550 whipple installed on my 08 shelby gt vert at a local ford motorsport dealer. To my surprise the air box is different on most of the installs that I have seen. When I called whipple and ford motorsport they explained that all 08's and above have to have the factory type air box due to emissions. Ford motorsport advised as well as the dealer who installed my kit that this is a modified air box that flows better than the cone filters. It has a very alrge k&n with open bottom box. I do not know if this is true or not but wanted to get some opinions on this. The car drives great but needed some feed back on this.
  7. Has anyone installed fog lights to the Shelby Gt ? If so can you let me know which kit to buy. I would like to install them to the lower portion of the bumper where some are adding the brake cooling kit. Thanks
  8. 2008 Shelby Gt Conv. 550 whipple polished
  9. I just had the 550 kit installed on my 08 shelby gt vert. The difference in power is night and day. I had my installed at a local ford motorsport dealer in CO. they no longer use a conical air filter set up on the 08 on up. they redesigned the airbox to look more like the stock box. I called Ford and whipple and they advised me this is due to emissions. They also stated that this new setup flows better than the other filter. The car drives great and has plenty of power. Puts a smile on your gace everytime you drvie it.
  10. 2008 Shelby GT Conv. 550 polished kit.
  11. [CSM#: 08SGT1252 Last 6 digits of your VIN# Where you live: COLORADO Dealership you bought it from: FREEWAY FORD Date you purchased: 9/08 Date you received: 9/08 Body: Convertible or Coupe- CONVERTIBLE Interior Color/Material: BLACK Interior Upgrade Package: Charcoal Transmission: Auto or Manual- MANUAL Navigation system: -NO Sirius satellite: Yes Shaker 1000: No Antitheft: Yes Wheel locks: Yes Heated Seats: Yes Ambient Lighting: Yes HID lights: Yes SAI Mod shop mods: NONE SO FAR, HOPE TO INSTALL SOME 3.73 GEARS + BLOWER
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