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  1. So is this going to be "online" purchase only? Those servers are gonna get creamed!
  2. Jer- How much are the wheels and caps? I would go with 2 of each size, and a set of caps... And do you know what the recommended tire sizes are for a GT500? THANKS! GUS DUH! I just clicked your link and there is the info... THANKS
  3. Look, the GT350 is an awesome machine, no doubt about that... However I had to have a Vert, and a GT350 at that time was not available. So I bit the bullet and got my GT500 Vert. I love this car, drive the snot out of it, have modded it nicely to about 600 RWHP, and have no regrets. Its got 32K on it now. Maybe one day I will SuperSnake it, who knows... I would tend to agree that the GT350 will command more money down the road, but thats if you stick it away in the garge and stare at it, otherwise you might be dead before its worth BIG $$$. Just my .02 That said - Nothing like the top down blast in my GT500 GUS
  4. I know im gonna sound stupid here, because i do most of my mods and maintenance myself, but i pulled off the driver side door sil, and i could not figure out what to do without cutting anything. So i just put it back together. I want the SVT in blue to match my Kona... Any pics of what you did once the sill was off? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and GREAT color car there bro... Thx GUS
  5. I will tell you guys that the wheels that were on the Shelby 1000 at the New York Auto Show were absolutley incredible... Hopefully thats the base wheel that all the different iterations (possibly) are based off of? Roger???
  6. Does anyone know if there are still volunteers needed? I was there last year, and volunteered this year and never heard back from aanyone on a schedule, etc... Thx GUS
  7. Just remember that until someone sees one come off the PRODUCTION LINE, all bets are off... Most of the show cars are just that, cobbled together "show cars" - oftem times displaying things that are not available "packaged" together. Case in point, the 2011 and 2012 Shelby GT500 show cars had heated seats (or at least the controls for them) displayed. Yet, they were not available to order... And please dont flame me (I know some of you want to) on why someone would want heated seats in a car thats not supposed to be driven in sub-40 degree weather, mine is a Vert, and if I had heated seats I might have had the top down in the 50 degree weather we had in NJ this weekend.
  8. Not sure its worth the $100K either, but that one-of-a-kind carbon fiber KR hood with all the sigs on the underside is pretty cool... I'm sure Ryan Friedlinghaus can find a well-off customer of his who just HAS to have that car...
  9. Has anybody ordered one of these with the 12v button in it? I'm going to put in a line-lock soon and it seems like that would be a great place for it, on the shift knob. (or would it get in the way for everyday driving)? Then I could always convert it over to a "GO, baby GO" nitrous switch later on! Woo-hoo!
  10. I've had mine out quite a bit over the past few weeks (in NJ)... Even had the top down last week on Monday and Tuesday as it was over 60 degrees. Wont last I'm sure, but good to "recharge" the smile I get every time I drive this beast. Spring is coming...
  11. I have a '10, and the MGW was one of the BEST mods i have done to date... No more mushy feel, no more missing 2nd or 3rd, etc. combined that with the 1-piece aluminum D/S and the whole install for both was under 2 hours.
  12. thats hot... looks great and very unique. And seriously, use some 3M red pinstripe tape for awhile before you commit to painting them. That way you can experiment and see if YOU really like it (which is all that really matters anyway) Good luck! GUS
  13. I will agree with Bill Hamilton above... My Ford Dealer price matched the lowest internet price I could find, and I also got the $100 rebate check from Ford. I want to say that (net) after rebate my tires were mounted balanced, etc for just about $1000
  14. Add my vote for the Conti Extreme DW's... They are AWESOME on my '10 Vert. Great in wet or dry, and they have these cool letters engraved in the treads, "D W" - Once the "W" wears off, they are only good for dry weather use... But they are sticky, quiet, and very comfortable for everyday use. The other thing, and i was told this by a very reputable tire shop - the Conti's balanced out on my factory wheels with approx 1/4 oz of weight - a testament to the quality of the manufacturing process that Continental uses. You wont find that on Nitto's or Toyo's or Kumho's - they need alot of weight to get them balanced right and even then they can vibrate or shimmy at differnet speeds. I know this from personal experience. Go for the Conti's you will not regret it. GUS
  15. I actually clay my silver stripes twice a year, you would not believe the crap that comes off of them... just make sure to keep the clay VERY lubricated with some detail spray, and dont rub too hard. Afterwards, I apply a good polish to them, than a quality wax, (i swear by Adams Polishes). I drive my car, ALOT... Have over 25K on it now and my stripes still look GREAT. YMMV- GUS
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