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  1. I know this is an older thread, but for others interested... A piece of Masonite (Menards, Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc) is easily place over the hole and under the original fiberboard to add rigidity back to this area. I use a piece that covers the hole by an extra 6” or so and have not had any problems with carrying some weight back there since.
  2. The car looks awesome. Great fabrication. Are there some things I might do different, sure. But it isn't MY car... I want to see all the major fab work of the guys who are beating up on this project, lol... Though I have to agree, there is zero reason to change the car to a vintage title...
  3. Interesting question. I would also be interested to know if there is anyway to lose the 07 SGT programming (i.e., dead battery, long term storage, etc)? Can the program be lost, and if so does the car return to the original std GT programming?
  4. Not sure if you have already had the work done, but there is actually an updated color code for the silver. The attached is the actual code used by Shelby on the higher gloss silver replacement scoops. It has more sparkle and a richer look.
  5. As a follow up, I did use the cleaner on the cartridge and it was fine. Idles nicer now and perhaps a little smoother power.
  6. Yea. I have CRC mass air flow cleaner. Just wasn't sure if you could spray the cartridge type enclosed sensor or not... I looked at cabin filters at Walmart and then decided to order one on eBay. Found a Pro AC Delco filter for $10.41 total delivered. I think it was part number CF2233.
  7. Hi guys. I am doing an overall service on the car including all fluids, lube, tires, brakes, etc. Just cleaned the original air filter which was worse than I thought, and a new cabin filter is enroute. QUESTION: I have always thoroughly cleaned the mass air flow wires with specially designed cleaner but was surprised to see that this 2007 Shelby GT has more of a self contained cartridge or slot type sensor. Do you guys still spray these down with cleaner, or can that cause damage.
  8. This car was seen north of Indy on I65. Clone, Tribute, "movie car" or not, sad to see it hurt. Hope no one was hurt in the crash. Forgive the poor photo quality. Taken from a distance on a cell phone and cropped down...
  9. After mount/balance, disposal, tax, road hazard ($100), and minus all rebates and discounts... About $705 all in for set of 4 255/45/18.
  10. Here is a link to the article/comparison that closed the deal for me. http://m.caranddriver.com/comparisons/bridgestone-potenza-s-04-pole-position-page-9
  11. Interesting thread. Surely there is more info out there regarding experience with different tires on these Shelby GT cars. I understand that many with the stock 8.5x18 wheels have updated from the original 235/50/18 to a slightly wider 255/45/18. It is almost identical in height, just slighty more meat. That was the size I went looking for. I was set on the Michelin Pilot SS, but they don't seem to offer it in the larger size. Bummer. I checked on several other desireable tires and no one locally stocked them or could even order. Even the supporting warehouses just seem to be empty of higher performance tires. I could order online from someone like Tire Rack, but preferred to source locally in case of any issues. I finally decided on the BFG Comp 2 but was then informed by Discount Tire there were zero available anywhere in the US, and that the tire was very likely discontinued. Hard to believe... They tried to sell me a YK580 Yokohama which is a great looking all season 45k mile warranty tire in the correct size. However, I found out this is an exclusive "house" tire for Discount Tire, and there are nearly zero reviews of the tire online. I found a few comments regarding mushy handling, poor traction in certain wet conditions and that slight ruts on the highway lanes pulled the car around terribly. And not cheap either at $180 a piece. I had to pass (but they WERE available to order in). I then looked at a Bridgestone RE760. This tire is a less expensive tire with slightly better ride and low noise characteristics, but still handles well. There are very favorable reviews comparing it as a good alternative to the Pilot. But... Nope, none available... anywhere. I finally found a local dealer who was able to locate a set of Bridgestone Potenza S-04 Pole Positions so I ordered them. He found one set of 4 in Chicago, a couple of hours away. They will be installed tomorrow. I am anxious to see how these ride and handle compared to the Goodyear F1 tires currently on the car. Hoping for a slightly quieter ride, fairly decent tread life and decent grip with crisp handling. Will report back soon!
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