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  1. Probably should ask Jer or Gary, but I was told several months ago that the CS8 grille was still available in limited numbers without the holes. Hopefully that helps.
  2. Nice. Thank you for the good laugh.
  3. You know, I really looked at that car, and it didn't seem to have all the parts anyway. The CS6 and CS8, with all the parts, are supposed to be affordable.
  4. I think that both embriodered or silk screened blankets would be great.
  5. You know, every once in a while a car comes along that just shatters the power to weight rule. When I discovered this car I had to laugh for a few seconds. I mean, that is an insane amount of power for such a small package. Not to mention that all the other cars in that category (at least that I know of) all have traction control, stability control, or even all wheel drive to aid in traction. I gives them props for attempting such a project. I could live with the hood scoop, but it's the price tag that ruins it for me. You could practically feed an entire small country with that amount of money.
  6. For those that care, PIAA does make a smaller oval style light that does fit. Ive had both the CS8 and CS6 grilles in my hands and measured to verify. It was an obscure part number, and I had to email PIAA directly.
  7. I have an early CS, aka GT-H, hood for sale if anyone is interested.
  8. To my knowledge, there were a few Shelby Supercharged cars built, but only ONE Shelby SR. I know both the Shelby Turbo and Shelby SR concepts were auctioned.
  9. Many of the parts are discontinued. I have been collecting parts for a long time. Unlike most Shelby enthusiasts, I've never had enough money to buy a complete car. It is what it is. I don't know if SAI would authenicate anything at this point, and I was told a long time ago that the plaques weren't available even with authentication. Either way, it didn't matter to me. I have always thought of the CS cars are Shelby Mustang kits. It was a unique offering that made it possible for me to have a Shelby designed car. This is why I asked the question regarding brakes. The answer is obvious for Baer only from the CS community.
  10. So, Paleoc, you did receive a dash plaque then? That's very nice.
  11. Yes, I asked to opinions. It just seems that the Wilwood kit would be an upgrade too. I've have faith in that brand. My thinking is if I'm going to spend $2000 on brakes, why not just buy the best from the start? And, the Brembos I was thinking of are the fancy set with the two piece rotors too; not the SVT ones. Surely, someone else would like to chime in here.
  12. Well, that seems a but rigid. I wouldn't say a GT500 changes if the owner upgraded to a Wilwood set. http://www.teamshelby.com/forums/index.php/topic/72831-baershelby-calipers/page__fromsearch__1 Yes, the car is driven hard. I want a reliable set.
  13. As many of you know, my CS8 build is still going as of this thread start date. I am due to buy a set of Baer Plus GT brakes. However, after numerous reports of rotors cracking and brake bleeders leaking, I am not willing to buy the Baer set. I can spend the same money on a much better set of Wilwood 14" brakes, OR the Brembo 14" brake set. I can get them in the same size and in 2 or 4 piston configurations, and I can get rid of the drilled rotors in the process. If I was not trying to build a CS8, I would buy the Brembo kit. Here's where the opinions come in. Will you, the CS community, recognize the car as a CS8 if it has the Brembo or Wilwood kit instead of the Baer brake kit? Thank you for the friendly advice.
  14. Wow, this makes me wonder about the quality of the Baer brakes. I am due to buy a set of GT plus brakes for my build soon. I would gladly pay the same price for the Wilwood set instead. I can get the Wilwood set without the drilled rotors too.
  15. From El Shelby: "This past Saturday Carroll made a phone call to SCAT. From what I hear he was in great spirits and recovering nicely." Supposedly, Carroll Shelby is out of the ICU and feeling better. I just wanted to post it here.
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