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  1. Hey wait a minute, I"m confused. You sold the red one and are now getting the blue? I see your Cherokee county tag. I'm in NE Cobb. Don't remember ever seeing another KR around here. Where did you get that KR license plate frame? BTW, I still get that stupid grin every time I fire mine up...
  2. Like Rick from Pawn Stars says, they're only worth what someone is willing to pay for them. I think the $1500 price for the set mentioned above is probably about right.
  3. Hey guys, not to nitpick here, but isn't the correct term for front "spoiler" an "air dam"?
  4. I have to agree that was a waste of a perfect KR. Should have just moded a stock GT500. But, I did like the guitar riffs.
  5. Thanks guys. Just find it strange that this is the first time its ever happened.
  6. Yes, the windows were down about 1/3 from the top. How would that cause/contribute to the alarm? I do that often when its a hot day and I'll be able to keep an eye on the car. This is the first time I've had this issue.
  7. Took the KR to lunch today, about a 20 minute ride from home. While eating, the alarm system went off. Wasn't really paying any attention to it, as I didn't think it was my car and didn't see anyone anywhere near it. Once someone asked who's car that was, I realized it was mine. Pulled the keys from my pocket and hit the alarm button and it stopped. I just assumed something in my pocket hit the alarm button. A few minutes later, the same guy said that my lights were flashing. I then went outside behind the car and hit the unlock and lock buttons. The flashing stopped. After eating, I cranked the car up and was greeted with this: Have any of you KR or 2008-2009 GT500 owners seen this before? Any ideas what happened here? Thanks
  8. I knew I'd seen this somewhere before. Looked first in the KR Supplement manual, then the GT500 Supplement manual and finally found it in the 2009 Mustang manual. The last line was not true for me. At first the clock showed 0:00, but after idling for about 5 minutes, the time showed up correct. Also, didn't lose any of my station presets.
  9. Thanks guys. Just went with the original Motorcraft Max AZ BXT-96R. Got 7 years out of the old one and I know this one will fit perfectly. One more question. I pulled the battery from the KR yesterday afternoon. Went to a Ford dealer near my office at lunch today to get the new one. When I get home and install it, it will be just over 24 hours that the KR has been sitting with no battery in it. I seem to remember reading something years ago about driving the car for a few miles? Is there something that is reset/recalibrated during that process, or am I totally going senile?
  10. Looking for recommendations for a replacement battery for my '09 KR. Still have the stock battery that's going dead after the car sits for a couple weeks. I'm usually a Die Hard guy, but was curious what you guys would recommend.
  11. This is from page 5 of the Shelby GT500KR Supplement manual from Shelby Automotive: And this is the warning label on the brake duct kit box: I believe there was a thread here where one of the Shelby/Ford gurus explained the problem. I also asked someone at Shelby about this when I was there. Its been a few years, but from what I can remember, the big problem comes from the shield that you install behind the rotor. Part of its function is to help focus the air from the duct onto the rotor. The downside is that for normal driving, you don't get enough air flow through the duct and it causes too much heat to build up on the rotor, since it isn't being ventilated normally as designed. If there's too much heat buildup, it WILL eventually warp the rotor, which has obvious safety implications. Bottom line for me is that SAI says to not use the kit unless you are track driving the car. I believe they would be the experts on this topic and that's all the justification I need.
  12. Is this still new with only a few miles on it? Sounds like there would be problems with any car that has been sitting for 6 years undriven.
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