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  1. Interesting thread. That is if you like reading about oil. The information I posted above isn't meant to imply anything. Just information for anyone out there who is interested in ensuring they never have any warranty issues with Ford. If someone out there is concerned about their warranty being voided on their engine and they insist on not using Motorcraft oil, make sure the label on the oil you choose states it meets Ford specification WSS-M2C931-B as Secondo posted.
  2. Just a little FYI for those of you who don't think Motorcraft oil is up to snuff and/or Mobil 1 is the holy grail of oils. In the rare event that you should happen to need to take your GT500 to the dealer for some type of warranty related concern involving the engine itself, and they ask you for a maintenance record (which they very well could if you haven't had oil changes performed by them), be sure it doesn't have any mention of Mobil 1 anywhere. There's a reason the link posted above to Mobil's 1 website showing 5w-50 oil for sale doesn't mention Ford Motor Company approval anywhere on it. The reason being it isn't. Hard to believe huh? Well it's true. Go to Mobil's 1's main page and select the "what's the right oil and filter for my car" link. If you enter all the info for a recommendation on motor oil for a new GT500, you will get a message stating they don't offer a oil for that car. The GT500 engine requires an API "SN" rating, of which Mobil 1's 5w-50 does not hold, and in addition there are other additives that Ford specifies on top of that in which Mobil 1 does not include either.
  3. I would also like to know about this. I emailed Sharon over two weeks ago and never got a response. I'm willing to bet quite a few people would buy a DVD of the webcast. If anyone out there knows anything about the availability of the webcast, please post it here! Thank you.
  4. I was wondering the same thing, so I emailed Sharon E. asking her about it. That was a week ago and I haven't gotten a response. I would be very interested as I'm sure plenty of others would be as well in obtaining a copy of the webcast. If anyone out there knows of video of the webcast being available somewhere, please let everyone here know!
  5. There is a Ford customer service representative that regularly posts on the StangNet Forum. She contacts owners who post concerns they have and tries to help and resolve them. I have no idea why it's that particular forum, and why I've seen no posts here.
  6. I don't think the original convertible top color is listed, but all the other info you mentioned is in fact listed. Look again. There are many very good fakes out there. On these cars, using the registry alone will not tell you for sure if the car is legit. Contacting SAAC directly is the only surefire way. If you are interested in a 67 or earlier car the 2011 registry is now available and has much more info in it, all of which is much more up to date.
  7. I used to own a 1971date coded sideoiler service block. It was factory machined for hydraulic lifters AND had the screw in core plugs. It also had the external ribbing on the sides towards the bottom half of the block.
  8. My post, depending on your viewpoint was off topic. I have no personal customer service issues with SAI.
  9. There's really only one. Here's a link on amazon: Shelby's Wildlife
  10. This is the worst possible thing you can do when dealing with an intermittent concern. When the PCM encounters a problem information is stored that documents vital engine related parameters at the moment a fault occurs. This information is often invaluable to diagnosis of certain problems, especially intermittent ones. Disconnecting the battery will not fix anything, and it will cause this "freeze frame data" to be lost. Don't do it!!!
  11. Without any specific sensor data from the moment the car is running lean, I'm afraid I can't offer much help. Bad gas, a problem with air leaks in the air intake tract, a weak fuel pump, a bad MAF, MAP, or FRP sensor are all things I would pay close attention to if I were working on it.
  12. The most common cause for these codes are a vacuum leak. Do you have a scanner that can view live sensor data? If not, you're just going to be guessing. Tried taking it to your local dealership?
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