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  1. We were looking forward to T13 but with pain in our hearts we had to cancel. We will miss y'all very much and hope to be back again at T14. Please have fun for us! looking forward to the pics. We will be in Charlotte in April for the 50th.
  2. The Dutchies will be in Terlingua again in July and October! Terlingua is the best place to meet old and new friends
  3. Name: Astrid Bouthoorn, The Netherlands CSM # 08TRT301 First Terlingua built by Tasca and 4th in total production. Performance model 5 speed Exterior color Black with yellow hood Interior color Black with yellow inserts and yellow Bunny Hood and bunny color Yellow with black Bunny Only Terlingua in Europe and outside of the USA
  4. Less than 4 weeks and we will be on our big Shelby Run Europe trip. My bunny is ready, bet we will turn some heads over! Patrick and I have almost finished the routebook. Contact with hotels about arrival times and dinner times is done. Now waiting for our friends to come over and start the party. :happy feet: :happy feet: :happy feet:
  5. Nice words David, think I will remember Carroll at his best at Terlingua 2008.
  6. Sure, will put some tents up in our garden. don't know where to put all the Shelby's as our yards are not as big as you are used to. Not much space in the Netherlands
  7. This will be a lot of fun. @Warren, happy to celebrate you're 40th birthday with you and all our Shelby friends. A birthday you will never forget.
  8. And the best area in Texas to enjoy all this :happy feet:
  9. These are unique, I got them when we attended the Shelby event in Terlingua, Texas in September 2008.
  10. Yep that was my car, At the 45th I got it as a birthday present from Patrick! It will never be for sale :happy feet: , I love to drive my Bad Bunny.
  11. It would be nice to know how many are built, I think mine is the only one in Europe! :happy feet:
  12. David, i am glad we all raised so much money. Say hi to Reine, it was great to be in Terlingua again. Thanks again to the TPS board!
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