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  1. Actually I had a 66 GT350 clone back 15 years ago, that had Magnum 500s. That was when there hadn't been a Shelby anyone cared about since 1970. There were 2 magazine articles done on my car and I always got a lot of great comments. It seems to me that since the new Shelbys came out, that a lot of the people that own them have an attitude toward anyone that doesn't have a Shelby, or tries to make their car look like one. I had a friend that bought a Shelby GT a few years ago, now every time he talks about my old car, it's a wannabe. He berates what other people do to their cars and complains that they are not "real" Shelbys. When I joined this forum I was thinking about one too, but after seeing the attitude of some of the members, I was turned off. Recently I checked in to see if things have changed, but am sorry to say that I still see a lot attitude here. I have seen a lot of debate over GT500s, and SGTs, and GT350s being "real" Shelbys, or just "poser" Fords. I also saw a thread where someone made a clone from 2006 Legend Lime coupe, and then saw about how "offended" everyone was by it. I was wanting to create a modern version of the car I had, without any "Shelby" or GT350 logos or anything that might "offend" people. I found these wheels, and thought that they would look great on this car, but unfortunately they say Shelby on them. I will say that the comments I have received have been positive, but I am still not sure what I'll do with it. I am really tired of the attitude in general that I see on this forum. Thank you for your help.
  2. Race red. I have the gray 19" Brembo wheels now.
  3. I recently purchased a 2013 GT coupe with the Brembo Brake package. It has the grey 19" wheels. I am not real fond of the wheels and am considering the CS69s in 20" so they'll clear the brakes. I like the retro Magnum 500 look, but wonder if I am going to take grief from real Shelby owners for having Shelby wheels on my car? Also, has anyone seen these wheels in person? How dark is the Hyper Black? Thanks
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