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  1. It should be in the next photo, along with others
  2. I'm getting mine for just $10! At least that's if I have the winning raffle ticket... From the Barrett-Jackson auction at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas. I can't recall if the stripes were vinyl or not. But it finally has DCT, which I'm a big fan of.
  3. I go outside in (first photo of the passenger side pin), but because they move around (will try tightening up the post next week) I've always tucked the cord between the pin and the "ring", as seen in the second photo of the pin on the drivers side. These are both still the original parts that came with my SGT. The little bit of rubber that is still left slides down the cord all the time. I usually try to get the "loop" the cord makes going to the inside, or center, of the hood. Which way do you prefer?
  4. Did anyone get their stripes redone? In Vinyl or paint? What was the final cost?
  5. The original BF Goodrich's are no longer available. I went with the g-Force Comp 2 A/S, but would not get them again, as they look nothing like the originals.
  6. I saw this today: https://www.shelbystore.com/product-p/z79-coast19.htm?fbclid=IwAR3CO_Qp7aUYSwdjrVxx679Ex9xZS1AKy2Shss5Wq32j_a8auBhUyTA9Wms I hope they've arranged for reserved parking in Malibu. Paradise Cove charges a small fortune for parking, $30 IIRC, if you don't dine and get a validation. Sounds like a nice cruise up the coast.
  7. My 08SGT got rear ended in traffic, hit by a jerk going about 5 mph in an Nissan Sentra. He hit the box where the rear license plate is and scratched the stripe on the bumper, the bumper and even dented my (collectors item) Shelby GT license plate frame. And I should probably make his insurance buy me a new plate, and tags! I got one estimate and it looks like it includes a stripe replacement for the rear bumper - Part # 8R3Z6320000ME. But that googles up a stripe in Oxford White, not Satin Silver. There are others in Vista Blue, Ebony and other colors. Here's an example: https://parts.lakelandford.com/p/Ford__/Stripe-Tape-Order-through-dealer-kit-DECAL---Trim-Wire/53448480/8R3Z6320000ME.html And that appears to be $111 for just that one part of the kit. Anyone have the correct part # for Satin Silver? Is this it? https://parts.lakelandford.com/p/Ford__/Stripe-Tape-kit-DECAL--Trim--Order-through-dealer/54296495/7R3Z6320001MA.html I'm asking because the part # here is 7R3Z6320001MA. Why does it start with a 7? Is that because it's the same ones as used on the 2007 SGT? I was hoping to sell this car soon and wanted to leave it up the the next owner to decide whether to re-stripe or paint. The good news is that the silver stripe that is now torn was in great condition, so hopefully it won't look any worse than it did before it was hit. Thanks all!
  8. Yesterday's lot # 351.1 was a 2008 Shelby GT Barrett-Jackson Edition coupe, 5 speed manual, 08SGT2258, with Black Shelby Razor wheels and some exterior and interior mods, navigation/ satellite radio, stock looking engine. Unknown miles. Sold for $20,000 hammer price, $22,000 total.
  9. Kosher? Probably not, but since the snake emblems have become synonymous with Shelby (instead of what it used to mean= a Cobra) most I've met won't care.
  10. I finally tired of trying to clean and oil my old, original air filter so, after hours of online shopping, found an almost-exact replacement. None of the sights listed the exact dimensions and several showed just one photo of the wrong shaped filter, so I went with CJ Pony Parts: https://www.cjponyparts.com/M9601C/p/M9601C/?utm_source=Pony&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=OrderConfirmation&lac_guid=4c392c57-c049-e911-8170-0050568938fc It's not the original silver/grey that mine was back when I bought my 2008 new, but it's the exact correct size. It also makes my engine look so much better with that blue color.
  11. Will there be special room rates? Just checked and rates are higher that weekend.
  12. This is pretty much what I would have expected Galpin to do. Reminds me of when my brand new 2005 Mustang GT had to be taken in for a Check Engine light and it sat, untouched, for a month! You need to find an independent mechanic who knows the S197 Mustang and Shelby GTs. We all do... since really, no dealer knows how to work on our Shelbys!
  13. Good Eye. Any other SGT's that don't have that? It's strange, considering how well loaded that #588 is.
  14. Fit and finish is fine. Looks like it came from the factory this way. I forgot to check to see if these were the prototypes or regular, serialized Shelbys.
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