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  1. I've used both over the years and both are quality shocks. I still have the Yellows on my GT/SC w/ Griggs Racing Springs and they work great. However, more than one shop said if upgrading to the Yellows you should change the Springs that are calibrated to work with the Yellows. If all you do with it is a daily driver then the Reds are plenty good enough
  2. Have to save very disappointed as don't get me wrong its great for business but I look at this car and it looks exactly like a Shelby GT and Super Snake. If going to build something new change the look give it its own identity
  3. Did Shelby/Weld ever have For Sale the wheels that come on the 2015 Shelby GT? Looking to drive 'more' lol my 08 GT500KR and gonna take off the originals so nothing happens to them and I like these wheels plus these other two. If you owned the Silver 2008 KR which wheels looks the best Shelby Wheel 1.jxr
  4. I forgot to ask this last week but was driving into the state of Florida on Wednesday coming south on I-75 just north of Lake City and was towing my 2018 Lightning Blue GT back down here and in my side mirror I see a 2008 Shelby GT-C with Team Shelby decals on it and noticed it right away as don't see many California Editions in Florida and it was looking good but easily drove off but made me want to go drive my Shelby GT/SC now that its god damn quit snowing in CO ridiculous lol
  5. Oh hell yea I am going to this
  6. I actually seen this on Team Saleen site first then confirmed it on the SAAC site but don't recall seeing it here? It says first time ever 2019 SAAC Convention bringing together SAAC and Team Shelby then on another site it said Team Shelby Northeast and I want to know how much involvement is Team Shelby actually doing? I missed Bash due to surgery and will be ready if this is truly a co-hosted event and being its in Pittsburgh this year being a Steelers fan I got to go to this one
  7. This has been discussed and seems B-J did not do their homework as there is NO R model or R package! Some car owners opted for the 624hp and the rest got 524hp and the Automatics had 460hp if I am right, but there is no R just that goofy dealer in Canada thinking there is even after he was told NO there is not. I laughed at the TV when they said R model
  8. Has any 2019 Shelby GT Conv.'s been built yet excluding the 2 prototypes? I am trying to see what it looks like without the Gold all over it?
  9. I hope not their attempt at selling these bright Green's has failed both times. I and many others would prefer the 67 Shelby Lime Green which is similar to Legend Lime which was extremely popular
  10. I wish Ford would really listen to us and offer the colors we want. I thought I heard this before maybe someone can confirm it but I heard once the colors are chosen for the Mustang it goes up the chain to an actual Ford family member for a Yes or NO. Something like this has to be because someone keeps the Kona Blue color and it might be the worst Blue I have even seen fairly close to Sonic Blue. Both actually look Purple of sun not on it.
  11. You do realize there are A LOT OF MUSTANGS 2018-2019 w/ the 10r80 and using Whipples with anywhere from 700hp-850hp so the 10r80 can handle it. I am just excited the GT500 has an Automatic
  12. True but that guy is a dealer in Canada and he tried the R nonsense on here and he did not believe us so when SAI told him he is wrong I am shocked that B-J would say that. I guess he never got the $100k he wanted on here as it Sold at $75,000 plus Sellers fee and he taking home less than $70k lol. If he just listed it here between $68k to $79k he would have Sold it for more money
  13. Wow did anyone else just see C. Jackson talk about that 2011 GT350 that the guy on here tried to Sell with that R package/tune that we all tried to tell him there is NO such thing and it just went across the block and they called it a 2011 GT350 R wow I guess B-J don't check to see if the info. is true
  14. I guess it seems Ford did not want Drifters using the GT500, NO e-brake Took awhile to stop reaching to put key in ignition now we will all be reaching for the shifter to put in reverse or drive and it will go like this "ah F*** I forgot damn dial) lol
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