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  1. Disappointing not to see a Ford racing at 24 hours of Daytona! I guess no Ford at Sebring or LeMans? Why can't a Mustang run in the GTD Class as it runs with those same cars at other tracks Not sure why Ford is gonna stop making the Ford GT when they have more buyers than cars available and its a 50-1 ratio And GM already has the C8 ready for first event and wondering when we will see the GT500 racing in some series?
  2. I ship cars way too much and worse case a week later any longer call someone else call Steve at Image Auto Transport
  3. I'd buy the R version right now if they offered it with the 10r80 in it!
  4. You are not the only one as I never got the email and I am signed up for them and I seen it on SAI FB page
  5. If anyone knows who owns 2011 GT350 #39 I am trying to locate the current owner to ask person if he or she would like to sell it?
  6. bump I am still looking to locate the owner of 2011 GT350 11350039 #39 I want to let person know I want to buy it and or when he or she might sell it. I know its in the Northeast so any time anyone is attending future car shows and or club events if you come across it let the owner know... thx Its the one Shelby I am missing and yes I originally had it reserved and somewhat ordered then I had my first ever health scare and had to let it go as I didn't honestly know if I'd still be alive in 6 months and regretted it ever since!
  7. I been bugging SAI to offer the best Coil-Overs in the world I mean if your $100k+ Shelby Super Snake is supposed to be the best in the world and when they did the $100k+ Terlingua Mustangs sorry but off the shelf Eibach Coil-Overs are good but not great!! When SAI finally on the 2019 Super Snake offered Penske Coil-Overs as an option that for sure was a big improvement over the Eibach stuff but in the world today of High Performance and Pro Touring Cars customers around the world want their cars for Daily Driving including long distance driving but also want their cars for Racing too whether Track, Auto Cross, or Drag Racing so a Coil-Over that can be adjusted to handle all of these is what we want and the Penske stuff is not even rated in the top 5. What I'm saying if SAI offered these options on these packages we will buy it so the best stuff is done by the factory JRZ, Ohlins, JRi, KW, Pedders from Australia is high quality stuff
  8. I forgot to say the Dragon Snake is a cool package but that rear wing umm sorry its FUGLY! So, is the Dragon Snake a Drag Racing ONLY setup or will it carve the corners too? Only problem with the Dragon Snake is where to find a new 2020 GT500 that the dealer doesn't want $50k over MSRP! I would pay $10k over but that's it. I gave up on getting a 2020 GT500 so I am working on a deal for a barely used 2018 Mercedes AMG GT R in Green Hell Magno and being Irish oh yea gotta have that Green! I am a true Blue Oval guy and certified Mustang fanatic and huge Bronco and Ford Truck fan however I have 2 Dream Cars the Green AMG GT R and the brand new 2020 Ferrari Pista Spider in White w/ Blue stripes and that beautiful Blue leather interior but I'd have to Sell my best Shelby's to own the Ferrari and I won't do that I bleed Red/White/Blue Mustang blood Speaking of the new 2020 Bronco may I suggest an off-road Shelby Terlingua Racing Bronco version! I would place order today~
  9. Except for 2-door and some graphics and the rims whats the difference between this F150 and the Tuscany built one? I would have been the first to order the F150 Super Snake until I found out Tuscany was building them. What about that new custom LED SHELBY Grille I seen in your shop is that available? I may order one of these so where can I see a list of ALL the options? And what options from Ford cannot be used with this package?
  10. I am still looking for those rear/side Silver Shelby Window Covers if anyone has a set
  11. Without reading everything yes the Cobra Jet Drag Racing suspension is going to be horrible for daily driving or even weekend driving, however the factory suspension on those year Shelby's with the 5.8 is not exactly very good either due to the weight of the 5.8 engines so I would invest into a real good set of Coil-Overs like Pedders, Ridetech, H&R, Eibach Pro R1, then the next level of KW, Penske, JRi, then if your bank account is deep then the best in my opinion are JRZ and Ohlins
  12. I have Kooks LT, Kooks high-flow Cats, and Kooks Cat-back and for sure adds a lot of HP especially if Supercharged car. Sounds amazing as I took JBA's and Magnaflows off and was worth it
  13. ooh #39 that's my number, but I can build a far better car for a lot less cash
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