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  1. I never said the new GT500 wasn't an amazing car Mustang or not it is and it will run circles around ones costing far more, but Ford seems to forget why the Mustang is so loved just not here but from S. America to New Zealand to Japan and to Europe even Dubai they love the Shelby cars and trucks but these dealers putting these absurd prices with Ford not even caring I guarantee at least 85 percent of the 2020 GT500's will be bought by extremely wealthy people and not true Mustang fanatics and this crap keeps going on. Do you realize there are at least 5 dealers who still have their 2015 Mustang GT 50th Annv. cars because they put a $65k price on it and no one was biting I will wait for 2021
  2. Why Ford lets this happen is a good way to lose your loyal customers I seen on ebay last night 3 2020 GT500's and first dealer wants $135k and the second one wants $150k and the third was an auction price on top of MSRP and it was at $30k over umm WTF if you pay that you are stupid! Ford got ripped when they allowed this to happen before and even if you have the deep pockets this is absurd cause in that price range you might as well get a Porsche 911 or AMG GT R, even used Ferrari's but these prices are ridiculous as its still a Mustang I inquired with some dealers I know but at those prices nah I will pass instead gonna buy a 2019 Cadillac CTS-V and first time going to the Dark Side
  3. How many regular Team Shelby people are going? Trying to still make it by Friday and if I can will bring the Terlingua but NO Racing as still haven't had surgery for the dame issue going on 2 years. Blood issue and can't do surgery until figure out cause and so damn frustrated as bought this one for track duty
  4. Hey, who is going to SAAC/Team Shelby event for sure?? I need a huge favor from someone who is guaranteed to be there as now looks like I can't get back in time. I am Selling my home in CO and they just had a bad storm go through there and had someone go check on house as my Shelby's are there and couple things happened to the house so I have to go there right away and do not think I can get back before the event next weekend. I wanted to attend as there are 2 Shelby's and these are SAI Shelby's that I am looking for one I never should have Sold and both cars are in the Northeast and very could be there so all I need is someone to look at the SAI VIN Dash Plaque and if so to leave my name and info. with owner that if he or she decides to ever Sell please call me first Send PM and I can give you the info Being a Steelers fan since 1974 I am sick to my stomach if I can't make it Oh, NO damage to Shelby's whew
  5. I am trying to get there no car though but need to attend this one
  6. Not sure how many people have seen that SAI has a package for the Super Duty and not likely anyone has done one, but I would definitely buy some of these parts if were made available. I have a 2018 F350 Platinum Dually and I do not like the Platinum name or badges I bought it because the package had the options I needed but I would like to take the PLATINUM off the tailgate and put the SHELBY one on. The hood is ok but the RK Sport hood far better looking C'mon parts sell the Super Duty Shelby parts
  7. How many people going to this event? With SAAC and Team Shelby should have some nice Mustangs plus Cobras and I am sure the old GT40's and new Ford GT's. Does anyone know if Ford show up with the new 2020 Shelby GT500?
  8. I have a private question how can I send it to you

  9. I've never seen a 15-19 GT350 Conv.
  10. Remanufacture stock Shelby GT parts why, would rather see performance upgrade parts I own a few Shelby's but my 08 GT/SC is still my favorite Many of us been looking for those Sliver Shelby side Window Cover Plates
  11. I might be relocating to TN around the Nashville area and whether North or South of there I am looking for a warehouse area to store some cars and other large items and have a realtor looking too but anyone living in that area do you have an area that might be what I am looking for and I should look there? Those Storage Companies like Cubesmart and others are useless Another option I would be willing to rent space in a Barn or other large metal buildings sitting on large properties Just trying to gather some info. ahead of time so any suggestions would be great, thx
  12. Has anyone seen this Shelby or know who owns 2011 GT350 45th Annv. #39? thx
  13. I've used both over the years and both are quality shocks. I still have the Yellows on my GT/SC w/ Griggs Racing Springs and they work great. However, more than one shop said if upgrading to the Yellows you should change the Springs that are calibrated to work with the Yellows. If all you do with it is a daily driver then the Reds are plenty good enough
  14. Have to save very disappointed as don't get me wrong its great for business but I look at this car and it looks exactly like a Shelby GT and Super Snake. If going to build something new change the look give it its own identity
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