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  1. NO one ever seen this one in Mass or nearby New England area?
  2. Did you change the suspension it looks much lower
  3. NO one changed their KR rims, guess that is a NO, ok so anyone who has changed their rim size on any 08-09 GT500 if using 20" wheel what is max tire size in the front?
  4. The Velocity Blue is not even close to the real thing
  5. Updated question... anyone who has changed the wheels on your KR whether you went with a 20" or 19" rim what is the largest tire you were able to fit all around or front and back? These KR rims cannot be replaced so I plan to take them off to preserve them and gonna use either Shelby wheel CS11 or CS70 or if someone has a great suggestion that would look very good on the Silver KR?
  6. Is this a FREE Country? Why was my reply post deleted????????
  7. These are not really 'replica's' as Backdraft's version is a complete different car from suspension to engine choices. I have thought about buying a Cobra for a long time and I wouldn't buy one of the new Continuation Cobra's due to cost and doesn't come with engine and I want to drive the hell out of it, hence cost. I was gonna get one of the Factory Five's version until I discovered how inaccurate it is. The Superformance MKII and MKIII are as close to the original as you can get plus they have Shelby's blessing or $$$ lol. If I were to go buy one now it would be the Backdraft or Superformance By the way, have you seen Superformance new MKIII R version wow has some awesome updates and looks bad ass The MKIII R has a front splitter and rear diffuser something the Cobra needs badly. The fins on the side are an option which I like them at the front/side vent but I don't like them on side/rear Any engine can be used including the 5.2 XS But the Backdraft car is very good
  8. NO I am taking the KR wheels off to preserve them and replacing them with either wheel I listed and in SAI's comments below wheel it says check clearance on big brakes
  9. Gonna start driving my 08 GT500KR more often maybe even a little track use and Do Not want to take a chance on damaging the original Alcoa KR wheels so I plan to put new wheels on it. One wheel I like a lot is the Shelby CS11 and KR has the Shelby/Baer Claw front brakes and does anyone know if there is any Caliper clearance issues? Same question for rears if ever upgrade those brakes? I also like the Shelby CS70 wheel as well and I prefer a 19" wheel but it seems most wheels are 20"'s or 18"'s Anyone have any suggestions for a wheel that would look great on these KR's? Want to use a Silver or Satin or Gunmetal color only If anyone has extra 08-09 GT500KR parts they want to unload send me a PM and tell me what u got? thx
  10. Not sure but I think that was an appearance package but I could be wrong. Owning a GT/SC did get the suspension upgrade which is ok but not great
  11. I want to know if anyone on here bought one of the 2020 GT350 or GT350 R Heritage Editions and if so what is your opinion of it?
  12. I am looking for the owner of a car I use to own 2013 Shelby GT350 Conv. 13350039 #39 White w/ Black Top and w/ Black Stripes Current owner someone in Mass and or New England area. Just have a couple questions, thx
  13. Why is every topic on the 2020 Bash CLOSED from comments? Long time left in 2020 so have they Cancelled it or Postponed and TBD? I think what this country has been through and if any of us have been effected, we as a people NEED to do what makes us Happy and to make us believe we shall succeed and over come what the world has been through. People need HOPE whether its a Football game or Car Show or your kid's little league Baseball game, so I am dumbfounded why these topics were closed?
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