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  1. Mods for Racing

    I have Baer Claw Extreme at all four's so any issue with 18's fitting with those calipers?
  2. Auto carrier question

    Any Shelby needs Auto Transport or other highend autos contact Steve at imageautogroup@gmail.com He used to do all of SAI shipping until they hired a new employee and he used his new job to offer shipping to his buddy very low blow but he does a lot of Saleen's shipping and anytime he could not do mine he worked all day finding one who was very reliable and at great cost
  3. Mods for Racing

    You make a lot of sense I appreciate the blunt 'weekend racer' comment and is kind of info. I am looking for. My 08 GT/SC came with 6-piston Baer Claw's up front and have the same in the rear as got them when SAI had a big parts sale. Car is equipped with Griggs Racing Super Street suspension and going to add some of his Track suspension to it, but I am looking to upgrade the coil-overs that have more tuning ability than the Koni's. The Wheels though I have to change when I am racing as the Razors are just too soft which a couple of Shelby GT owners found out so their bad luck is my gain. My Razors are 20's and I do not know if this is true but I been told our 07-09 Shelby GT's on track handle far better with 19's even 18's so that I am unsure of?
  4. Checking to see if anyone who owns a 07-09 Shelby GT or owners of the early Terlingua's 05-09 don't hold me to the year they started just can't remember anyway, if you race your Shelby GT or Terlingua or did I want to know if you changed your front bumper cover to add a Splitter or just added a front Splitter to existing lower valance and if you changed the rear Diffuser which Company did you use and did you actually notice a difference on track? Basically same question for rear decklid Spoiler? Some of these events whether Optima series or Goodguys they have a height limit on the decklid Spoiler After my arm surgery I plan to run some Autocross events and Track events in 2019 and looking to add these parts that actually function and not just for looking pretty. All the Manufacturers seem to have forgotten the 05-09 Mustangs and only focusing on the 15-present Mustangs and a couple ones who make quality parts like Anderson Composites and TruFiber may offer a Hood and that's it. I do know about APR Racing just asking if anyone has used anyone else? As for Wheels I will have to use a new set for Racing as the AR Razor's are too soft and don't want to ruin them. Has anyone used any of the New Shelby Wheels to race with? Yes, I can add Forgeline like many of those racers I just like to use Shelby parts when applicable. Also, has anyone on their Shelby GT changed your front fenders to TruFiber's GT350 style wheel and if so can you post some pictures?
  5. Clear bra

    NO DO NOT do this! I bought a 2011 GT350 and the guy said there was a 3M Clear Bra on the nose and when I got the car the Clear Bra was all over the car and it was faded so the White paint looked yellowish and had it removed but the Clear Bra took off blotches of the clear off the body so I had to get the entire top reshot and wet sanded and stripes reapplied. Save yourself the headache and don't do it
  6. New 2019 Shelby GT Purchase

    I was one that kept telling Gary P. every chance I got to kill off the GTE and bring back the Shelby GT name as it had such a huge following and its just a fact more people would buy the Shelby GT name then the GTE name, but the GTE package was what the original GT and GT/SC package was and everyone expected the new 2019 Shelby GT to just replace the GTE name but that is not what happened and for sure SAI I think made a huge mistake not keeping the new GT package price similar to the GTE and this is what we are all saying. Based on the 2019 Shelby GT's cost and if you choose the supercharger and other options Roush and Saleen are giving you all these options as Standard and pricing is a lot less. And if you look at the competition I have to admit the Challenger Hellcat Red Eye is one bad ass car and cost is the same or less than the Shelby GT. I heard the Camaro 1LE is the most complete setup and costs far less than both of these. I would have thought that SAI would have wanted to keep the Shelby GT costs closer to the GT350 that Ford does to give buyers an option. If the new Shelby GT fully loaded is high $80k's I would just spend the extra cash for the Super Snake I think we all agree that SAI made a huge error in the new Shelby GT's pricing because if you eliminated the GTE package and replaced it with the GT package would you not want to keep the pricing close to it as that is why many Ford dealers bought the GTE and selling them in their showrooms but I can't see them doing that with this pricing
  7. FRPP Rear Shocks

    I have 4 off my 08 Shelby GT with less than 800 miles on them
  8. We will see brothers have not given up yet
  9. Yes I was maybe still might and not that I need to explain but have some health issues that have kept me from using my cars and its beyond frustrating. Going back to FL for an injection to block some of the pain and if I can't get some relief on a long term basis then yes will sell all of them but my 73 Mach 1 which was my Dad's car and then moving to Hawaii. I actually have some things For Sale with a friend helping me but may list some soon. If I end up in Hawaii then I want the Conv. Pain meds, Weed, Massage, Acupuncture, even hard Booze nothing giving relief and last time I raced the car 2017 Bash 1 lap had to quit so I am extremely frustrated
  10. Barrett Jackson Las Vegas

    B-J makes me laugh when they say they determine the market value by their auction prices, no that's just idiots over paying because most are uneducated. I watched so many owners lose big dollars because of no Reserve when at Mecum they either got their price or kept their car. Late Saturday night that 55 Orange Bel Air was a real nice restomod at least $75k - $90k into it and it Sold like $48k because B-J put it on after the money went home.
  11. I would love to put the Conv. in my garage but just bought another car so maybe later I wish I could take this new supercharged Coyote and put it in my 2008 Shelby GT/SC. The HP difference is depressing
  12. Priced a bit high they're all selling in the $50's I Sold mine in the $50's
  13. After I moved I lost the email I had with where and how to buy Terlingua decals the better color one for the car and if any hats available I am going to get a Racing helmet for mine paint it Red and will have the Rabbits air brushed on I seen they made a 2015 Shelby GT diecast Yellow in 1:18 and wouldn't it be great to have our 2016 Terlingua's in 1:18
  14. If indeed you guys are getting quotes up to $88k and over $90k then just cancel the new Shelby GT as this is why it faded the 2nd time around the costs went so high you might as well buy a Super Snake. Then when the GTE came out that is what the Shelby GT was and made it the most loyal owned Shelby and the reason for the Shelby GT to come back was it was so popular and no one was a huge fan of the GTE. When I first seen the 2019 Shelby GT and looked at the prices it seems SAI listened to us but if you are getting these prices, wow. We are all Mustang fans but this price range add another $15k and you are looking at the AMG E63 S and that car can do amazing things like faster from 0-60 than their AMG GT R I wish I could take the Coyote and Supercharger w/ that 10r80 Automatic out of the 2019 and put it in my 2008 GT/SC. My GT/SC is still my favorite Shelby but the power out of the new 2018 Mustang GT with PP1 and the 10spd Automatic is amazing I'm not sure if the 2019 Shelby GT is priced higher than the 1LE or top Corvette but that wouldn't make sense and if over $90k than just buy the Super Snake Don't forget the new GT500 and if priced $20k higher people gonna buy the GT500
  15. Great to see the Shelby GT back! Every time I would see Gary or through email I kept asking him with you now in charge will we see the Shelby GT package come back as it was your best selling one and I am glad to see it back. My 2008 Shelby GT/SC is still my favorite Shelby I own! Both cars really look good and the deep draw hood really sets it a part. I am sure Hertz owners will start bitching but I don't care just good to see this car back and I am sure they will probably kill off the GTE which was a bad idea and just a ripoff of the Shelby GT I wish I knew earlier as I already bought a 2018 Mustang GT since Ford was killing off the Lightning Blue Maybe 2020 Shelby GT with a supercharger