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  1. I've been watching the 2 2011 GT350's on ebay and so far no takers even at reasonable prices. The one 2011 GT350 is a great car the one owned by the owner who used to own all the Miller Ale Houses that car is as perfect as it gets. Dude has great Mustangs by the way not sure why he's selling all of them. Anyway, with being able to order the 'new' GT350's and what this car has to offer has got to be hurting the sales of these two 2011 GT350's. Yes, we here know the difference between the two cars but many regular Mustang people or for that matter say a Porsche guy coming to buy the new GT350 he probably doesn't​. This is not a topic where I'm saying I would never sell mine to get the new one but even the dealer who still has a few 2014 GT350's is on the verge of giving them away so it appears right now its hurting the value of all 2011-2014 GT350's. Yes, what Ford has done to the new GT350 makes it an amazing car but to me its a GT350 in name only as Shelby American has had nothing to do with it. Fact is if you're selling a 2011-2014 GT350 right now people are trying to compare the two like well I can get this brand new one for less when they have no clue but I hate to admit they're right as far as cost goes right now. Shelby American is killing itself with the cost of the Shelby GT, Super Snake, and the GT Eco-boost package hence why they're not selling. Have you heard anyone that ordered a 2015 Shelby GT yet? Another fact is you are getting way more in the Roush Mustang for a much lesser cost so I even had this idiot call about my 2013 GT350 Conv. I'm selling and try to compare a Roush to a Shelby but these are hurting resale values too. ​ I'm sure in the long run values will hold but I'm not one to buy a newer car for values down the road if I did I would just go get a 68-69 Shelby​
  2. Wow did anyone else just see C. Jackson talk about that 2011 GT350 that the guy on here tried to Sell with that R package/tune that we all tried to tell him there is NO such thing and it just went across the block and they called it a 2011 GT350 R wow I guess B-J don't check to see if the info. is true
  3. This has been discussed and seems B-J did not do their homework as there is NO R model or R package! Some car owners opted for the 624hp and the rest got 524hp and the Automatics had 460hp if I am right, but there is no R just that goofy dealer in Canada thinking there is even after he was told NO there is not. I laughed at the TV when they said R model
  4. 2019 Mustang GT Convertible

    Has any 2019 Shelby GT Conv.'s been built yet excluding the 2 prototypes? I am trying to see what it looks like without the Gold all over it?
  5. The New Shelby GT 500...........

    I hope not their attempt at selling these bright Green's has failed both times. I and many others would prefer the 67 Shelby Lime Green which is similar to Legend Lime which was extremely popular
  6. 2020 GT500 news

    I wish Ford would really listen to us and offer the colors we want. I thought I heard this before maybe someone can confirm it but I heard once the colors are chosen for the Mustang it goes up the chain to an actual Ford family member for a Yes or NO. Something like this has to be because someone keeps the Kona Blue color and it might be the worst Blue I have even seen fairly close to Sonic Blue. Both actually look Purple of sun not on it.
  7. The New Shelby GT 500...........

    You do realize there are A LOT OF MUSTANGS 2018-2019 w/ the 10r80 and using Whipples with anywhere from 700hp-850hp so the 10r80 can handle it. I am just excited the GT500 has an Automatic
  8. B-J R package/tune lmao

    True but that guy is a dealer in Canada and he tried the R nonsense on here and he did not believe us so when SAI told him he is wrong I am shocked that B-J would say that. I guess he never got the $100k he wanted on here as it Sold at $75,000 plus Sellers fee and he taking home less than $70k lol. If he just listed it here between $68k to $79k he would have Sold it for more money
  9. 2020 GT500 news

    I guess it seems Ford did not want Drifters using the GT500, NO e-brake Took awhile to stop reaching to put key in ignition now we will all be reaching for the shifter to put in reverse or drive and it will go like this "ah F*** I forgot damn dial) lol
  10. The New Shelby GT 500...........

    Yes its a Tremec DCT 7spd Automatic not the 10r80 which surprises me because Ford and GM spent a lot to make the 10r80. I got one and 1st to 2nd is odd almost shifts like a manual then bam you're off the 10r80 is great. Hoping Ford offers a kit so you can use it with older Mustangs
  11. Horsepower of 2008 Shelby Mustang GTSC

    Do you own a 2007-2009 GT/SC? If not find one drive it or if own drive it then right away drive a 2018-2019 Mustang GT w/ the 10spd Automatic then re-answer my statement Or better yet find one of the new 2019 Shelby GT's w/ the 10spd Automatic drive it and after the grin finally wears off re-answer my statement Some people like the 4.6 I don't it just doesn't feel as powerful as the new 5.0 Coyote's w/ Manual or 6r80 or 10r80 even with the Kenne Bell. All my Shelby's the 08 GT/SC, the 13 GT350 I had, my 16 Terlingua, and my new 18 GT ALL have Automatics due to my injury I need the Automatic and the 13 GT350 Conv. 6r80 w/o Supercharger felt and drove more powerful than my 08 GT/SC w/ custom Jon Lund tune and Kooks long tubes and my new 18 Mustang GT 10r80 Automatic is way quicker than the 08 that's just a fact. However, my 08 Shelby GT/SC is by far my favorite Shelby and I am jealous of the new Mustang performance and add a Whipple to the 18-19 GT's and holy crap its a beast. I would like to blink and have a Whipple Coyote w/ 10r80 in my 2008 that would be awesome! So, to answer your question more power more power
  12. The New Shelby GT 500...........

    I read where it said Grabber Lime which if similar to the 70 Shelby color is not attractive but if like the 67 Shelby Lime then its a great color. Colors listed - Grabber Lime, Iconic Silver, Red Hot Metallic which you see in the photos, Twister Orange Metallic plus you will have many of the current colors White, Black, Magnetic and a few others
  13. The New Shelby GT 500...........

    My guess would be is SAI offers the KR package like they did in 2008 but this time you will probably see you taking your GT500 to SAI for the KR package instead of the nightmare last time when scumbag dealers had the KR's and held them hostage and after that when those dealers had the 50th Annv. Mustangs and the 2015 and 2016 GT350's and tried their same tactic of huge markup's the buyers did not budge and some dealers still have their 2015 50th Annv. Mustangs I truly hope that Guardsman Blue is offered as I think Lightning Blue is one of the best Mustang colors of all time and deleting that color for Velocity Blue was stupid as Lightning Blue is a true Blue while the new Velocity Blue has more Teal in it so you might as well bring back Gulfstream Aqua which would look amazing on the 2020 GT500 I think when ordering one I will have a hard time deciding what color? If Guardsman Blue is available it with White or Ingot Silver stripes would look great or Ingot Silver with Guardsman Blue stripes or Magnetic with Guardsman Blue stripes or I am holding out for Highland Green GT500 with stripe delete or you go with the best Shelby color White with Blue stripes
  14. Horsepower of 2008 Shelby Mustang GTSC

    Correction it won't be ready by the Bash but ready by Mid America Shelby Nationals
  15. The New Shelby GT 500...........

    I just read a good article that lists everything this has and I am not sure what is more shocking they didn't use the 10spd Automatic or the fact the car has no shifter only a rotary dial? So, with the Tremec DCT the big question is how many gears does the DCT GT500 have?
  16. 2020 GT500 news

    I seen the pictures of the Blue, Red, and Silver GT500 but you would think bringing back the beast you might see Highland Green, Grabber Yellow, Lime Green, Royal Maroon, and imagine this beast in Gulfstream Aqua!!!
  17. 2020 GT500 news

    Why use the Eaton Supercharger when the Whipple is far superior
  18. The New Shelby GT 500...........

    Way overdue for the AUTOMATIC which proves Ford's B.S. story about the automatic can't handle the HP so why never the Automatic for the GT350 huh Ford?" I would order mine in Royal Crimson but Ford deleted it after one year I guess Black, White, Red, and Gray is so in demand so why offer exciting colors like the Challenger
  19. New 2018 Shelby F150 Owner

    I been watching a few still not sure about that price when its not built by Shelby but living in CO part of the year unless its Summer time my 2004 F150 Lightning is useless! How do I know this, mine has BF Goodrich high performance Summer tires and my brother decides to take the Lightning to the store and keep in mind the day before it snowed up day and coming back up the driveway he hits ice and it was stuck there for 3 days What Shelby Dash Plaque number do you have?
  20. Specials

    Anymore Holiday Sales Specials on parts this year or on New Year's? Need to order some
  21. Horsepower of 2008 Shelby Mustang GTSC

    NOT enough HP that's why I am dropping in a 5.2 with a Whipple in my 08 GT/SC and might be ready by the Bash
  22. Checking to see if anyone who owns a 07-09 Shelby GT or owners of the early Terlingua's 05-09 don't hold me to the year they started just can't remember anyway, if you race your Shelby GT or Terlingua or did I want to know if you changed your front bumper cover to add a Splitter or just added a front Splitter to existing lower valance and if you changed the rear Diffuser which Company did you use and did you actually notice a difference on track? Basically same question for rear decklid Spoiler? Some of these events whether Optima series or Goodguys they have a height limit on the decklid Spoiler After my arm surgery I plan to run some Autocross events and Track events in 2019 and looking to add these parts that actually function and not just for looking pretty. All the Manufacturers seem to have forgotten the 05-09 Mustangs and only focusing on the 15-present Mustangs and a couple ones who make quality parts like Anderson Composites and TruFiber may offer a Hood and that's it. I do know about APR Racing just asking if anyone has used anyone else? As for Wheels I will have to use a new set for Racing as the AR Razor's are too soft and don't want to ruin them. Has anyone used any of the New Shelby Wheels to race with? Yes, I can add Forgeline like many of those racers I just like to use Shelby parts when applicable. Also, has anyone on their Shelby GT changed your front fenders to TruFiber's GT350 style wheel and if so can you post some pictures?
  23. Mods for Racing

    I have Baer Claw Extreme at all four's so any issue with 18's fitting with those calipers?
  24. Auto carrier question

    Any Shelby needs Auto Transport or other highend autos contact Steve at imageautogroup@gmail.com He used to do all of SAI shipping until they hired a new employee and he used his new job to offer shipping to his buddy very low blow but he does a lot of Saleen's shipping and anytime he could not do mine he worked all day finding one who was very reliable and at great cost
  25. Mods for Racing

    You make a lot of sense I appreciate the blunt 'weekend racer' comment and is kind of info. I am looking for. My 08 GT/SC came with 6-piston Baer Claw's up front and have the same in the rear as got them when SAI had a big parts sale. Car is equipped with Griggs Racing Super Street suspension and going to add some of his Track suspension to it, but I am looking to upgrade the coil-overs that have more tuning ability than the Koni's. The Wheels though I have to change when I am racing as the Razors are just too soft which a couple of Shelby GT owners found out so their bad luck is my gain. My Razors are 20's and I do not know if this is true but I been told our 07-09 Shelby GT's on track handle far better with 19's even 18's so that I am unsure of?