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  1. 2019 Super Snake vs 2014 Super Snake

    Both cars are great or the 2019 will be great but the 2019 S.S. already has a big advantage and that the IRS is just a better handling suspension then what came on the 2014 plus the 2019 S.S. will have the Magna-Ride suspension as an option and that is just far superior to the live-axle with Eibach coil-overs. However, the 10r80/10spd Automatic transmission is so superior to the 6spd Manual unless S. Vettel is driving the 2014 Manual S.S. I am however a huge fan of the 5.8 GT500 engine and having my shop working on the programming for swapping the 10r80 into the 2013-2014 GT500 then I am going to do this swap In case wondering why I would do this is because a severe injury doesn't allow me to use a clutch and I am a huge fan of those 5.8 engines and since Ford didn't offer one then I will build it
  2. 2017 F150 Super Snake 750 hp

    All trailers over 18ft usually have electric brakes just plug in and go. Would never buy a trailer without the electric brakes Whats this have to do with F150 Super Snake
  3. Die-Cast collections

    Where did you find those 1/64 Ford GT's? Very cool never seen these before
  4. I am trying to locate the owner of 113500039 2011 Shelby GT350 #39 If anyone knows who owns this car please send me a PM message thx
  5. Selling Corral

    Sorry guys been in a lot of pain and just not on here long enough to post what I am selling. I have to go back to FL to see a specialist in 10-14 days so I will do it before I go for sure
  6. Selling Corral

    I am putting this topic here as I don't have time to list them ALL yet but putting entire Corral up For Sale very soon... Please check the Classifieds on every section shortly... I am selling 8 cars and just don't have the time at the moment dealing with a serious issue health related thx
  7. Does anyone know if anyone makes a Carbon Fiber front Splitter for the 2011 GT350? Does anyone know if the adjustable Splitter for the Boss 302 will fit the 2011 GT350? Or is there a better front Splitter available than what came on the car?
  8. Selling Corral

    I been sick will try to put the cars on here this weekend
  9. Repalcement Tires?

    There is a tire that no one really knows about and kinda new to the U.S. and its called Nokian. Their high perf. summer tire has gotten ratings right under Michelin so anyone try these yet?
  10. 2019 Super Snake

    The best thing when the GT500 comes out prices will drop on the GT350's and time to buy
  11. Did I read it correctly where they will only build 4 of the Series 2? If true then why bother I read the same article new 1967 Shelby Super Snakes at $249,900 WOW why advertise it when only the super deep bank accounts can buy these and I actually been in the original modified Series 1 and raced on the road course at Texas Motor Speedway and the driver, Bob Bondurant and that was with the Olds Aurora engine and this car was bad ass and 17 years later the Series 2 with updated suspension and my guess the GT350R engine which will make the Series 2 in the 911 GT3 range of performance and handling so its going to be some car. I wouldn't even want to guess what these will be priced at
  12. Available Yet?

    Does anyone know if any diecast manufacturer has built in 1:18 the Ford GT LeMans Race Cars yet?
  13. Colorado

    The winter is thawing and time to get the horses out and let them run. I am new to Colorado and in between Denver and Colo Springs so where might you Shelby and Mustang owners go and where do all the car guys hang out? I know the Rocky Mountain Roundup is coming in June but why do they schedule that the same weekend of the Mid America Shelby Meet in Tulsa?
  14. Colorado

    funny ha
  15. Colorado

    What are the local Mustang or Ford Clubs so I can look things up?
  16. Die-Cast collections

    Hamilton cars are not new just ones already released that they get and do a special on so suckers like us think its a new car
  17. Die-Cast collections

    Then why isn't this done in 1:18 yet when the manufacturers have made many of the same cars over and over and over I know I have every one. Really want to see more of the Racing Mustangs like Shelby GT350's, Boss 302's, even the current GT350R's and GT500C cars
  18. 2015-2018 GT350 Owners

    To ALL current and past 2015-2018 Shelby GT350 owners I have a question to you or actually its to the former owners. I have noticed quite a few or really a lot of used GT350's For Sale and I am wondering why? These GT350's are far the best Mustangs ever built so why did you already dump them? If financial yea ok but if not what didn't you like? The best Mustang built prior to these were the 2012-2014 Boss 302's and there are just so many of these For Sale as I am sure these owners moved up to the GT350 but when on Ebay or Auto Trader I am surprised why so many newer GT350's are For Sale. I think if someone wanted to get into Mustangs or looking for another there are great deals on the Boss 302's even the 2016 GT350 are great buy for the price
  19. Die-Cast collections

    What is the car on the far left? It looks like a Mustang and if 1:18 scale have never seen this one
  20. Die-Cast collections

    less than 10
  21. 2015-2018 GT350 Owners

    As for the Recaro's, they came in my 2008 Shelby GT/SC and they came in my 2016 Terlingua and these are completely different seats so it seems to be true that some are having an issue with the Recaro's that are coming with the GT350's. I suggest sit in one's car before you order them
  22. 65 Shelby GT350SR on Ebay

    There is a reason why they were shut down and I wouldn't touch any of these cars unless it was at a Give it Away price because the bodies in question is why they were shut down. The wrong VIN's were showing up on the wrong cars and in some cases there were doing rebodies without telling the customer or the state. The package was a good idea just the wrong people were building it. I knew the private investor funding these guys and the GT500E cars as I was renting a house in Plano through the guy's mother's real estate company and I got a look at Unique's build sheet cost for them and that was the other issue as things were not adding up when the buyer paid this price and the company said many cars went over cost build price so they lost money but they never did and is another reason they got raided. Whomever is behind the Shelby Registry I would ban all the Unique Perf. builds as this company was a total fraud from the start. These people were never truthful with Carroll they were just using his name and yea he got paid but they were ripping the customers off with shoddy builds. You may have some cars that were done right but there are quite a few people who will tell you they got hosed
  23. Die-Cast collections

    NO Gurney Saleen has been made in any scale diecast Its very odd the thinking of these diecast companies on which models to make as some Mustangs say a 67 Shelby has been made in every version and versions that never existed instead of doing Mustangs that have never been made in diecast like the Gurney Saleen and the following Mustangs which have never been made... 88-93 Saleen Conv.'s 92 SAAC MK1 - about 15 years ago I had the guy at GMP going to do the 92 SAAC MK1 into diecast because they were doing the Fox Body's 16 Shelby Terlingua 93 Saleen SA-10 14 Saleen SA-30 89 Saleen SSC Many of the recent Gran Sport and SCCA Racing Boss 302's and Shelby GT350's Would like to see Exoto or Auto Art do the Ford GT LeMans Racing versions plus all the mid 2000 Ford GT Racing versions
  24. 2018 Shelby GTE program?

    They need to kill off the GTE and bring back the Shelby GT package as the pricing of the GTE was what the GT and GT/SC were all about and Sold very well. The Eco-boost should not be part of the GT package and the Eco-boost should be its own car
  25. Die-Cast collections

    The Exoto's are the best no doubt but their pricing just got absurd. The best 1:18 diecast was Hwy 61 when they were doing them then they disappeared but I heard they could be coming out I mentioned this awhile ago but I had no idea I would run into this delay trying to move so when I am done I will final get to unpack my 1:18 Mustangs which will blow your mind. If anyone has rare models they want to sell and rare meaning just that like dealer only and or employees only and such like these let me know