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  1. I've been using Groit's lately and I'm fairly happy with the results, maybe I'll have to give Adams a try....
  2. Yup, sure is purty! We picked this up on Monday 2018 Ecoboost in Royal Crimson, the color is what sold us on it.
  3. I had mine out over the weekend.... I missed that smash ya into the seat acceleration.....
  4. If they were in there, they still are!
  5. Yeah I don't think I'll complain about temps in the teens and a little snow after seeing this!
  6. Here's what he said when I asked him.... "Yeah, the tornadoes were in Alabama.....but we went right by where they were in the school bus on the way back from Pensacola just a couple hours before it hit "
  7. I think he's good. He posted this morning on Facebook and never mentioned anything. Looks like the tornadoes were about 50 miles south of him.
  8. Why, does the snow hurt the painted plastic?
  9. she use to be on here awhile ago, she went by "Herpony68" she's been on quite a few events.... oh wait you weren't.... so nevermind
  10. There are only 6 from the states going, Dan and Marge, Helaina and Ron and Jim and Val
  11. FYI...I still had Snake Docs number so I sent him a text. He says howdy to everyone. He got out of performance cars years ago bought a camper and a pick-up and moved outside of Nashville. I let him know about Ruf.
  12. Who says this forum isn't edumacasional!
  13. I went back and looked again and It was a guy (Donnie) that said he would look after the dogs, sorry I had the wrong sex, but at least the dogs will be cared for.
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