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  1. If it comes out like the picture in the article. I only have 2 words: BUTT UGLY
  2. Nice concept but what police department has the money to afford it?
  3. People this is Motor Trend, they have always slobbered over GM cars. They could have taken an old Chevette out and raved about what a wonderful and sophisticated car it was compared to the Ford.
  4. No the registry is not accessible. Congratulations on having the last one built. That is quite an achievement.
  5. One of things to note with the BAER brakes is that they have a very specific set of procedures to break in the rotors. Not following their procedures to the letter may have resulted in the stories of damaged brakes/rotors.
  6. I've had my CS-6 accused of being a fake Shelby multiple times.
  7. George Anderson who owns and built the track (MPH) also built my car. He is a fantastic person! The track is a great track (I drove on it after the car was finished) as he is a perfectionist and had it built right the first time. The town of Hastings is as clean and well run as any town I have seen in the U.S. My car on MPH
  8. My kit was purchased from Hillbank so it didn't have to come directly from SAI (The second picture on your post is my dashboard).
  9. Don't knock the weights, they serve a purpose. Mine are in the furnace helping to hold the furnace filter in place.
  10. Most of the pieces look correct. It has the hood, the brakes, the grill, black razors (slightly unusual but not abnormally so). The front fascia is missing but unless you know how to mount it correctly, i.e. shave the foam behind it, it is a real problem to install, so he may have skipped it.
  11. Counting pictures I have (some may be the same car or different cars as some are very hard to tell apart). Also some may not be "official" cars. I also suspect I am missing a few cars. However I put them in a spread sheet and I come up with: 16-17 CS-6's (5 turn-1 & 11-12 turn-2) 10-11 CS-8's (3-4 turn-1, 7 turn-2) CS-6 2-3 tn-2 Black CS-0002, 1 with small cobra emblems (may be CS-8) CS-6 1 tn-1 3 tn-2 Blue CS-0001, Paleoc, turn-2 vert CS-6 1 tn-1 Dark Grey CS-6 1-X tn-1 Green Slimer (not official turn-2 due to X-charger) CS-6 1 tn-1 Light Grey No side stripes (may not be official car) CS-6 2 tn-1 Red vert CS-6 4 tn-2 Silver CS-0003, Painted Snake, 1 with dark stripes, 1 with light stripes CS-6 1 tn-2 White vert CS-6 1? tn-1 Yellow black stripes, lacks front facia (prob not official car) CS-8 1 tn-1 1 tn-2 Black turn-1 vert, turn-2 at Shelby display CS-8 3 tn-2 Blue CS-8 1 tn-2 Dark Grey CS-8 1 tn-2 Orange CS-8 1-2 tn-1 Red may be different cars/reds (I don't do well with separating reds) CS-8 1 tn-1 Silver CS-8 1 tn-2 Yellow vert with black stripes
  12. Has a Paxton Supercharger but I don't see any other CS-6 parts. Kind of like putting a roots supercharger in a Mustang and calling it a GT-500.
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