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  1. exactly. nothing wrong with this forum, just a few "bad apples"(like every other forum). your KR is an awesome car, and well-worth your asking price, and even if it wasn't, other so-called "members" are supposed to keep their "negativity" out of your thread. Personally, I love musclecars that have sat around with lo, lo miles, and "possible future clutch issues" would never keep a real car guy from buying his dream car/Shelby KR.....
  2. crappy gas....that's what happens when u don't drive them.
  3. Try to hold on to it, just spend as little as possible on your next d/d...good luck!!
  4. And these days, these cars also have "great bang for the buck" for used muscle-car buyers. Very reliable, great looks, 500hp(and very easily 600 plus)...all for maybe $30-35k, about half the price of brand-new Shelby's, ZL1's, Z28's, and Hellcats. Not bad!
  5. Just had the 'ol '09 GT500 out today. Even though it was only 27 degrees, still managed to give her a nice wash. Roads were clean, so I got to put a few miles on her, with the super-charger enjoying the cool weather. There's just something about these '07-'09 Shelbys. The way they drive/feel/look, just "all-business". I'm gonna try to hold on to this thing for a long, long time!!
  6. Here's my '09 GT500. 255/35/20 up front 295/30/20 in the rear....
  7. planning on taking my '11 GT500 out tomorrow. 1st breakfast, then off to my buddy's shop where I'll change the oil & give her a wash...later maybe a nice cruise/show. I really don't think I'll ever sell this beauty, as long as I can still drive a stick!!
  8. I loved my "mass-produced" American-made '09 GT500 so much, I bought a 2011 also.....
  9. It is rather "feathery", especially when compared to the new Hellcat, which should tip the scales at about 4,500 pounds(only 100 lbs short of my last Silverado 4x4...LOL).
  10. Dodge Challenger SRT8
  11. Thanks for the tip. Just picked up 7 quarts for the Shelby, and 7 quarts for my Challenger SRT8....(hate paying full price for oil..LOL)
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