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  1. Love our SGTs, very fun all round driving cars. Original owner of one we purchased in 2009, then we recently picked up a 17k mile vert all original for some topless fun for under $20k. The coupe has a ton of upgrades makes 355hp and is set up for the road course with Griggs suspension and other goodies.
  2. Hey There Ford Fan1, during the Sonoma Parade Laps,  weren't you the guy that had a Canadian ask to jump into your car so that he could ride along? 


  3. Fun at Sonoma during SAAC 43, Aug 2018
  4. I am back here again, signed on to check out this new Forum, I do a lot more on Facebook. Looking forward to participating in both the Backwoods Bash (La Center, WA) and SAAC-43 (Sonoma, CA)
  5. Portland International Raceway - front streach
  6. We are considering going on Saturday the 11th to hang out in the Neon Garage during practice & some of the Xfinity race. Not staying all day, we don't want to miss the Bash Banquet dinner
  7. Our reservation are made, now finishing up on some final details on the old SGT Looking forward to doing the caravan South with members from the Pacific NW region and then meeting up with the Pacific group like in years past. Good times are not that far away
  8. We picked up Penske #62 of 150 last April with 19k miles. We are use it as a daily driver, not a collectable. Lots of fun and very unique. We even entered it into a couple of shows last year, undefeated with three 1st place trophies in class Here's a fun little video from a Pawn Stars episode... featuring Joey Logano from Team Penske https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1dQWrSTlCE
  9. Ford Mustang Hertz Penske GT
  10. Watch out for TedJ and I on I-15 today We are currently in route to the event, we've been traveling on I-84, today we will be on I-15 stopping south of Salt Lake. We decided to bypass I-93 this time down but may consider it on the way home. Salt lake to Vegas on Sunday if anyone cares to join us, respond here or send your cell number to smkngun01@yahoo.com and we can make contact thru cells. This has made it a nice relaxing trip so everyday feels like a vacation day instead of a made rush to get to Vegas, like previous trips to and from sin city. See you there
  11. John- leaving for Vegas in a couple of days any chance of getting one on the car??
  12. Correction: ROUSH I like them both- I would take either if I came across one at the right price.
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