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  1. did you put the blower on? looks great
  2. and why does that matter with a clean title at this point, these cars are wonderful love mine wouldn't trade it for the world but clearly the market feels otherwise... When Also when will the registry be published or searchable just curious these cars have been out of production for almost a decade
  3. any guess on what the hammer price will be if its sold?
  4. This section of I-80 is very dangerous drive it a few times each winter going snowmobiling in Wyoming, it is no uncommon for this section to be closed quite often. Black ice and high winds in this section are insane, we about lost my excursion pulling a trailer last year butt puckering area to drive.
  5. so any thoughts on impact of 06 and 07 gt-h?
  6. looks like a sweet car, i think the same thing many times whats the point of keeping mine sometimes it just sits enjoy the new ride
  7. Don't hit with clear coat best thing to do is leave it alone. Theses things are delicate best to leave it alone body shop damaged part of mine
  8. I have a brake duct bezel kit everything but the lights and lights can easily be had PM me, i was going to put these on ebay but rather sell to someone in TS.
  9. hard to believe it was almost 10 years ago. Seems like it was just yesterday... I rented an 06 and an 07 never thought i would get one, such a cool car.
  10. i want to say something but going to keep my mouth shut
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