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  1. I will eventually.... otherwise it'll just stay on the shelf! Anyone on here looking though, I can/will knock off the 10% ebay would charge me if I were to sell it here outside of ebay. Nets me the same and saves a buyer some coin!
  2. It's mine.... prob can find threads on here back when I sent it in for signature with pictures and such to help with documentation. It's the real deal!
  3. make sure to use locktite on the center bolt/nut... mine got loose during a track day... instructions were a bit vague back then... It sorta felt better, but I doubt I was any faster between that and the adj panhard.
  4. OH, i must have been remembering wrong then... I know summit was cheaper than SPP when I ordered...
  5. Pretty sure it was around $1800 thru summit racing, and I think the rear rotor kit was another $700 ish??? I know I was right at $2500 all in.... It's been 9 years or so though, soooooooo
  6. sway bar bushings would be my 1st guess... assuming all else is still stock.
  7. Like the others said, unless tracking it, not really an issue... better pads will decrease your stopping distance more then anything else, BUT even that is going to be limited by your tire choice. If you can lock up your tires with your stock setup, then tires are your weak link first. You will get lots of dust and some noise with "good" performance pads though... Bigger brakes mostly help with heat management and super sticky tires needing lots of repeated braking for every curve of a track... street driving won't need this generally.... even stopping from 170mph once is unlikely to boil your fluid or fade your pads... do it a few times back to back and then there are issues.. But they also look really cool soooooooooo
  8. HAHAHA! definitely a good thing... 15 years was long enough for me as well lol
  9. I sold it about 3 years ago.... mid divorce... the replacement a year after that was a '14 track pack, the 5.0 coyote is pretty sweet but i miss the whipple whine! Still got yours?
  10. I have one I removed before selling my car... I wouldn't take any less than $1500 for it... haven't actively tried to sell it though so no clue what market really is.
  11. Repair costs would be same as a normal GT so insurance shouldn't/wouldn't care... it's an option package... if totaled, I can't imagine they could argue with you about the nada value with the factory option package added on... I didn't worry about it while I owned mine.
  12. Not sure how they are attached but they came from ford.... Maybe Google for California special to see?
  13. I didn't read it all, but just a note that it seems to be focusing on launching / drag racing.... for handling, lower arms should be level...
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