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  1. Broke the front splitter on my SS awhile back. Ordered a new one and had a friend replace it while I was overseas. He saved the broken one and I just pulled it out. I'm not a CF expert, a glass man, or even a body guy (though I owned a Ducati and an account for CF is almost required to ride one!), but It looks like fiberglass with just some CF tape or covering on the exposed part of it. Which begs the question is ANYTHING on the package actual Carbon Fiber??? I was already pissed before getting the upgrade that the MOST ridiculous non-stressed, no reason for weight reduction (mirror covers??!!), sacrificial (splitters) parts were CF while the most obvious choices, the hood and trunk lid were not. Any observations?
  2. I've had my take off parts from Supersnaking my 09 GT500 in storage for several years. What seems to be the best way to sell? For awhile they seemed to have little value but I haven't seen anything lately. Looking to make storage space, so more interested in moving it all.
  3. Umm....using standard formula- Drop a 100lb blower right on top of the engine that requires removal of original factory designed structural reinforcement (STB); heavier hood made of out of date material that will require 4 (5?) generational changes; use taller, heavier, rather narrow wheels which take only a very, very narrow selection of tires and can't handle the added hp and lower gearing, require removal of a factory brake performance part, and will only be available for a few years; use expensive to make and replace carbon fiber accent pieces that offer no real added performance advantages, are damaged in normal use and require periodic replacements which will only be available from SPP but they will be out of the part for months on end since its made by third party; and lots and LOTS of branded bits around and inside the car. Charge a premium, offer no substitutes or changes (until later model years), offer the same package but with special edition badges or stripes for more money from time to time, and call it a day. I would mention some other ideas but some might label me a too much of a fan boi.
  4. That's a Hella build, but like the others said, it ain't a Shelby CSM car without Shelby doing the work. I studied and beat myself over it for months and months while overseas before finally deciding to pull the trigger. As said above, financially I look at it as I would have had just another used, greatly depreciated GT500, but, instead I've got a pretty cool ride that's somewhat collectable and at least holding its conversion value. I don't know if the mods from the Speed Shop add any value but they make it more unique for me.
  5. I had it stored in TN and picked it up on the way here. Mine was two deployments. One for the car, one for the SS package. Puts a smile one my face just looking at it...makes me cuss though when I have to pull in a driveway with a ramp, hit speed bumps, park in a crappy place, or drive over a jacked up road. Still, so, so fun. I've still got it here since I wasn't able to break away. Let me know if you want to link up.
  6. I just got back to the States. I've got my 09 SS here in DC at the moment but will probably take it back to my HOR in the next few days, too much of a PITA to drive daily here. PM me for more info. ATW! A10ACN
  7. Anyone know or preferably have experience with any Shelby specialists shops in the Northern VA/DC area? I know there were a few shops that specialized in Mustangs a few years back, but.... some shops are better than others. Specifically looking for a place to center my rear axle, but would like to have place that I can trust with most things.
  8. Feedback so far?? Pics mounted?? Maybe before and after??
  9. I'm one of those guys who has never liked the Alcoas. If I'd had the opportunity to get the new ones on my 2009 SS, I'd have went with them in a heartbeat. The Alcoas look okay as 18s on the KRs but turn into wagon wheels at 20". JMHO Sorry for the detour- nice ride! NICE!! Welcome to the club!
  10. The 50th SS is HOT. Loved it from the moment I saw pics. Yours looks even better.
  11. I notice that the tire sticks out beyond the wheel well more on one side than the other. I remember reading something about this (here?) but couldn't find it in search or looking back. How much of a pain will it be to center the rear axle with the Fays 2 set up?? Thanks much!
  12. Imagine the amount of fans Shelby lovers could provide and the bleed over to Ford if Shelby just sponsored a car in a national series. Cheaper than a race team.
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