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  1. I have GPS tracking on mine, can also lock and unlock the doors and trunk from my phone... It also monitors the battery level, sends me a text if it gets too low!!
  2. Mine howl like a Banshee, I just turn the stereo up!!
  3. Got caught in a freezing rain/snow storm awhile ago... The Nitto 555G'2 handled the icy roads pretty good... I saw about 8 vehicles hit the ditch... I was taking it pretty easy!! It was nice out when I started the road trip, then started to get ugly, Lowest IA2's I have seen!! LOL!!
  4. Few more pics, Old factory 8 track, pretty cool!! This Ranchero was sweet,
  5. Thanks Secondo!! It was a great show, nice day, and lots of cars!! My Uncle had his 69' GT500 there, along with my cousins 69' Mach 1, and my brothers 73 Mach 1!! Even got a spot overnight in my cousins garage!!
  6. They should work good for Mexico nights!! Put them on this morning,
  7. I went with slicks and skinnies on!! It was a great turnout, and a nice day!!
  8. Get some touch up paint from the dealership... You will need your vin number...
  9. Did a couple more little mods to the beast!! The time delays on the stereo were set for the driver, so it didn't sound as good from the passenger side of the car... I put in a remote for the dsp and had my stereo bud load a "tune" in it with no time delays, and one "tuned" for the passenger side too!! I also installed a dash cam, and the optional power box... I can set it to shut off after a certain time, or when the car drops below 12 volts... Out of my sight view!! It works great... Picked one up today for the Raptor!!
  10. Can you post some pictures of it?
  11. Yolo!! Had her wide open in 5th for a few seconds, right past the numbers... Car stuck to the road, not even a shudder... Wish I could do that every day!! Was waaay out in the boonies on a family reunion road trip then...
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