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  1. UPDATE 9-21-15 I added some additional BMR pieces over the weekend http://www.bmrsuspension.com/?page=products&productid=1309&superpro=0 http://www.bmrsuspension.com/?page=products&productid=773&superpro=0 I havent driven the car yet with these installed so I dont have any feedback yet. I also have a new sway bar for the front http://www.bmrsuspension.com/?page=products&productid=1341&superpro=0 and new end links http://www.bmrsuspension.com/?page=products&productid=1311&superpro=0 I will have pics of those and thoughts after I road test the car. Here are some pics of the rear pieces installed and the latest pic of the car itself
  2. I put some braided sleeving and some shrink wrap. I am happy with it....
  3. Fresh spark plugs and fuel filter would be my next move.
  4. The cap I am ok with, its the line itself that I want to cover. But thanks for the reply.....
  5. This was recommended to me for this application http://www.amsoil.com/shop/by-product/other-products/cleaners-and-protectants/mp-metal-protector/?code=AMPSC-EA
  6. I am looking for something to cover the unsightly AC fill line that comes up by the passenger valve cover. Has anyone done this or does anyone have any good ideas? I searched and nothing came up. The line is 1/2" OD and the top fitting is 5/8" OD so what ever it was that was slid on would have to go over the 5/8 fitting on the end.
  7. I thought I would share my current project with everyone. I have been stockpiling parts for a suspension install for awhile and finally got around this winter to getting the install done. I have a Griggs Watts link, Torque arm, and Koni Coil overs front and rear. BMR K member, A arms w/brace, Radiator support, and Chassis brace CB004. I also am having installed a MGW shifter, Magnaflow #16674 exhaust, Stainless Works H pipe, Flaming River steering shaft, JLT rear axle expansion tank, and FRPP rear seat delete. In addition to a many suspension parts already on the car. I want to thank Van at Revan Racing for his help and expertise and Bill and Tom at AHM (After Hours Mustangs) who have handled the install. I cant say enough about AHM and what an outstanding job they have done on the install, really taking their time to make sure everything has been right. I am very happy with all their work so far and very excited about how everything has come together. I have not driven the car yet with these mods and probably wont for at least another 2 months till the weather breaks. So I cant comment on how any of this has affected handling, ride, NVH etc. The car isn't finished but I thought I would post some pics of what is done so far.
  8. PA Performance makes the Shelby alternator. I have the 130amp version and have had zero issues....
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