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  1. Dude, we got our axles and this was my last post on this forum, Steve
  2. Ian, you are absolutely right, thanks, steve
  3. Just stopped by to let you know that I sent this letter along with a full package of rust photos to Edmunds, Consumer Reports, Car and Driver Magazine, Motor Trend, Mustang News and most of the others. I just told them the pictures were from my car after I trailered it home with 34 miles on it. Should be interesting to see what the magazines do with this information. ................................................................................ .......................................................... Hi Steve - I was forward some communication that you sent to Ford regarding your GT500 axle. I have some more information regarding this topic. Specifically, we are currently testing painted axles and will be switching over to painted axles soon (likely this fall timeframe) once the testing is successfully completed. Please let me know if you have already painted your axle. If not we can touch base with you when we go live with this change and see how we can get you an updated axle. Thanks, Jamal A. Hameedi SVT Chief Nameplate Engineer ................................................................................ ................................................................. Best Regards Steve
  4. Mods, you can lock and or delete this thread. No more posts from me on this subject and thanks for your patience. Steve
  5. Bob, I don't want to pursue this for all 2010 owners any more and am going to try and strike a deal for the handful that responded to me. I need you guys to PM me with your email addresses one more time so I can finalize the list. I think there were a dozen or so in total and I will pursue new axles for you. I think the majority of the owners are pleased with their cars and don't want to be bothered with it. I also need some help with the Youtube video and need to discuss it in PMs. Thanks Steve
  6. I am not looking for a one time private deal for myself. What I would like to see is Ford offer to provide painted axles to all current 2010 owners at a reasonable cost. If I wanted to pursue a private arrangement I could have already done that. The car needs to be fixed and made right for all 2010 owners not just a handful of us that complain and it needs to be handled as a TSB. thanks for your comments. Steve
  7. I am really starting to wonder why on earth I would want to do this and take all of this abuse from fellow GT500 owners. I am completely mystified why anyone would not support what we are trying to accomplish. I am about an inch away from pursuing this for my own benefit away from this forum unless I get some support from the mods. Steve
  8. Alloy Drop does this post answer your question? Quote I just find your whining funny. No mustang comes with a painted axle. Boo hoo you saw a photoshopped picture with a clean rear end. Maybe you should stop wasting your time and money complaining and go out and drive your car. Buy a freaking rattle can of matte black and be done with it. Sorry I'll stay out of your forum. Your car is light years ahead of mine. " Steve
  9. This response is why the 2007 thru 2009 guys are driving around with rusty rear ends. I pity the person that tries to organize an effort over in the 2007 thru 2009 forum to help those owners. This is the other reason I decided from the start not to try include this group. I have taken more flak from 2007-2009 owners than the rest of the world trying to make the GT500 a better car. Steve
  10. Thanks, They in fact might be able to make a strong case but they need to get about a half dozen guys together that are willing to really put the time and effort in to it as well as spend some up front money for legal advice and help. Most people like to complain but very few are willing to put time and effort in to something to get results. For example there has not been one single post in the 2007 thru 2009 forum about this and trying to work on it. You are all over here beating up on me. Get back over there and get to work Best Regards Steve
  11. I think the 2007-2009 situation is different than the 2010 but that does not mean you don't have grounds to go after it. You may want to get some of the 2007-2009 guys together and go for it. I have already spent hundreds of hours and a lot of expense out of my own pocket pursuing this for the 2010. You can do the same with your group and maybe achieve something but you need to get together and get going on it, it has been three years and you may be running out of time on the issue. To my knowledge none of the 2007-2009 owners have cared enough to go after it yet. Just don't get mad at us because we had the initiative to do something about it. I don't have a franchise on this, anyone that wants to can pursue it on their on if they want to. Also there are a lot of guys that just don't care about the rust, it is not an issue with them. Good Luck steve
  12. Not trying to be rude but do you own a 2010? If not then the thread should be of no interest to you and the answer of no value to you. Steve
  13. No, your car will not have a painted axle. Just curious, did you know you were buying a rusted car before you ordered it, or later when you joined this forum? Steve
  14. I have not noticed anything like that on my 2010. Steve
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