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  1. Ford really stepped up to the plate on this one. Not comparing the two, but this car has a better power to weight ratio then the Z06. Bravo Ford. I wonder if they added the comfort package to the GT500 option list? I'd say fully spec'd out it'll top out around $65K
  2. Raw footage. Check out that A$$. Damnnnnn. Im in love. I dont like the splitter or the wheels though...
  3. Wow, I think they really listened to everyone. Launch control, two performance packages, electronic suspension..... This thing is going to be badass.
  4. Wow I've never heard a car sound that good on a computer. Absolutley Awesome!! :happy feet:
  5. Who in their right mind would let someone drive a car like that for 57000 miles on the road ? If I was his neighbor having to see that car often I'd wreck it bigtime
  6. Beautiful car and congrats on owning your dream car. Very nice choice
  7. Does anyone have the part # for the 07-09 GT500 airbag cover. I want to get one signed now for my future GT500. I'm only 19 and well no disrespect but I probably won't have one before Mr. Shelby is unable to sign parts/memorabilia anymore.
  8. The dyne says he got 550RWHP which with 15% drivetrain loss the car produces around 650 crank HP which is 26 more then the "R" Tune from SAI
  9. The GTS is a limited production car? I figured they would make as many as they could get orders for. Anyone know how many have been ordered yet? Congrats on starting production early SAI
  10. +1 Those are very nice numbers. Around 650HP at the flywheel if I'm correct.
  11. Thanks for the clarification guys lol. Absolutely beautiful cars. Surprised the GR1 didn't go for higher, I know it was well received when it first came out.
  12. Isn't the blue one the beat up "first cobra"? I know I've seen a beat up blue 289 in an article with some significant history behind it but I can't find the article.
  13. You guys see the prices on the two 289 cobras?? What makes them so special. I think ive seen the blue one somewhere correct?
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