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  1. Congratulations on being the new owner of #26. You will find this thread very helpful in anything Hertz. Soon HertzII will be contacting you.
  2. Congratulations on your purchase. Here is ours #67 arriving from WA.
  3. Congratulations! Those first new miles are the most awesome and they get better with each mile you drive. Happy that you found it!
  4. Steven no I didn’t. Please send again.
  5. I might be new to this 2016 thread but not to Hertz cars. We are the owners of 06H352. We purchased 16H067 two weeks ago and was delivered on Monday. Couldn’t be more excited to own this rare Shelby. After driving and enjoying our 06 and able to rent 16H085 back in 2017 we can’t wait to drive the 50th Anniversary edition. Once I reduce the size of the photos I will post them.
  6. Some one traded a 2016 GT-H in on a 2014 GT500 a couple days ago. The deal was made at CNC Motors in Upland, CA. I am interested in that Hertz car. Can someone help me out in who that owner is? The person is a Shelby owner of other models. Thanks for any help. Rich
  7. Hi,

    I see you were looking to buy a 2016 GT-H. Did you find one? Looking myself. Have you sold the 06 Hertz?

    Thanks, Rich

  8. But it says “ "CLICK CHECK AVAILABILITY" TO LOCK IN TODAY'S LOW YORK MARKET PRICE! $57,835. Very very deceiving.
  9. You made me look😁 but since it’s a 6 spd wife doesn’t want it🙁. Thanks for the link and making me drool.
  10. This price is consistent with what Hertz is selling their cars for right now. Plus with the low mileage 154 has i think it’s a better deal.
  11. After 10 or more years I’m in need of a new cover. What I have now is a nylon form fitting cover that fits perfectly. Looking for possibly the same kind or maybe something better. Please help me out, Christmas is just around the corner and Santa might bring it. The cover I have now is a Weathershield form fit. I have looked at Covercraft which says Weathershield and that model isn’t what I have now.
  12. Same day as our show.? Best of luck Larry
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