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  1. But it says “ "CLICK CHECK AVAILABILITY" TO LOCK IN TODAY'S LOW YORK MARKET PRICE! $57,835. Very very deceiving.
  2. You made me look😁 but since it’s a 6 spd wife doesn’t want it🙁. Thanks for the link and making me drool.
  3. This price is consistent with what Hertz is selling their cars for right now. Plus with the low mileage 154 has i think it’s a better deal.
  4. After 10 or more years I’m in need of a new cover. What I have now is a nylon form fitting cover that fits perfectly. Looking for possibly the same kind or maybe something better. Please help me out, Christmas is just around the corner and Santa might bring it. The cover I have now is a Weathershield form fit. I have looked at Covercraft which says Weathershield and that model isn’t what I have now.
  5. Same day as our show.? Best of luck Larry
  6. The registration deadline has changed for the better. Thursday 11:59pm.
  7. Thank you for coming to our event. Surprises coming! Thursday night at 11:59pm registration closes. See you there.
  8. Time is running out to register for this premier 2018 event. Thursday August 9 at 11:59pm registration closes. You don’t want to miss this one! www.msreg.com/tsinvasion
  9. Yes congrats Dave and welcome to Black AND Gold!
  10. When you join us at the Henry Ford you'll be able to ride this historic train around the grounds. Either way walking or riding you don't want to miss a exciting weekend. www.msreg.com/tsinvasion
  11. Thank you Andrew for attending and looking forward to meeting you.
  12. Good question. Right now no discount code but we are working on having one very soon. In the mean time mention the event by name and that should do the trick. Thank you for being part of the Team Shelby 2018 Dearborn Invasion. Here is the direct link to The Edward for reservations. Promo code is already attached. https://gc.synxis.com/rez.aspx?Hotel=65562&Chain=16476&locale=locale=en-us&arrive=08/14/2018&depart=08/19/2018&nights=1&room=&rooms=1&Group=1634
  13. Shelbyville you can contact us at this email address. teamshelby.il@hotmail.com. I will answer or get a answer questions concerning the 2018 Team Shelby Dearborn Invasion. Happy that your family are attending. Looking forward to meeting them.
  14. More details were ironed out this past weekend at the Shelby Bash and that’s good?. The coming weeks will be busy with more strategic planning. Pictured is some of the wall art in the Shelby Museum. Stay tuned for more info.
  15. Event is coming together and soon we will be posting the registration process. Looking forward to the 2018 Team Shelby Dearborn Invasion.
  16. Welcome golfpro. I sent you a PM. Hope to meet you in the future. Nice GT.
  17. My kit was delivered earlier this week after some of my fellow state directors had already received theirs. The kit came USPS not UPS. On you bash tickets you should have received a email confirming your purchase. Come Monday call Rafella Fawn or email her at bfawn@shelby.com. She will get back to you pronto.
  18. Did the lamp quit? I don't remember that GT-H puddle light on my rental #085.
  19. You could purchase a plastic display box. https://www.casesforcollectibles.com/
  20. Another dead give away is the scull and cross bones in the scoop. But my personal fav is the CSM #?
  21. Another Hertz owner pointed this out to me. https://indianapolis.craigslist.org/cto/6445346466.html
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