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  1. +1 No really you've got to cheer for the underdog!
  2. One more thing I should have done and thats run water down that drain. The old filter had 22000 miles and like I said it wasn't that dirty.And thanks to all for the help!
  3. Took my cowl vent cover off{right side} and found the cabin air filter and a almost plugged cowl drain. The job wasn't very hard except to take the plastic cover off. Bought my filter from a local parts store for$25. I did call Ford parts and there price list was the same. Also the filter was dirty but not too bad. I 've been told 05 Mustangs and up have this filter.
  4. Congrats on the FINE purchase. Like you I bought ours in NJ and myself,daughter and boyfriend drove back to Illinois on a excellent road trip thru the mountains of Pennsylvania. Before putting her away for the winter we put about 500 exciting miles on the clock. Can't wait for spring and the best summer in a LONG time. 06H352
  5. I am I to understand that the GPS was removed from all Hertz cars? Or is is still behind the glove box?
  6. Thanks for the info. I know the previous owner had said he had the video but couldn't find it. It would be great if you could post that or send it to me and any other informative things you may have. Thats interesting that it was rented out of Tampa. I thought it was from Orlando. Nice to meet you and have a Happy New Year.Email me
  7. Waiting for ours from Illinois, GT HERTZ. I could have had HERTZ on a Route 66 plate but CFO said NO!
  8. Hopefully my wife will be able to see over the hood on our Shelby with this. Even in her daily driver she has the seat as high as it will go. The pillow was purchased at Ikea,two seperate pieces,black cover and pillow.Right now she uses a off color one that doesn't match the interior. Hopefully this will do the trick.
  9. I see that someone started a new forum called Shelby Nation. Whats up with this? Anyone joined? Is this connected to Team Shelby?
  10. Hi, Been a member of Team Shelby for a couple of months. I joined because I am the owner of a 65 Mustang FB and I got hooked on a 07 GT-H. But when I saw the 06 Coupe something told me this is the CAR to have. I started my quest here at TS,then went to the other usual sites,and BAM I found the right car for the right price and it's now in my garage,looking MIGHTY nice. :happy feet: I purchased her from another member of TS and I couldn't have met a nicer person and seller. Myself,daughter and her boyfriend drove it home from the East Coast 2 weeks ago,what a road trip. As soon as I learn to post some pics they will be up. Again this forum will help me to keep this car a classic like my 65.
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