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  1. A belated Congratulations Michael! Hope to meet up with you this year.
  2. http://www.hertzcarsalesschaumburg.com/certified/Ford/2016-Ford-Mustang-Schaumburg-d8d9cfae0a0e0adf2f7fe0bb9781a0b5.htm Going to look at it this week. Wonder if it got left behind from O Hare last month.
  3. Still no price but I did see the date code on the old one, 4/10. Still not bad for a 6 year old.
  4. I will have to check but I think the battery I have now is not 4 years old. Today I had this checked and my 500 CCA was down to 180. I started having a trickle charge issue and now I know why. My charger would change from yellow to green, green meaning the battery is satisfied. But after a while the yellow light would come back on then I would jiggle the mated connection and it would go back green. I didn't like that so I had it checked and a new Motorcraft original equipment will be installed tomorrow. Don't ask what I paid for the battery I won't know till tomorrow and then I will tell. I should also say I've put about 18,000 miles on that battery.
  5. I rented this car from Nov 10 2016 to Nov 14 2016 with these items.
  6. Last week I celebrated my 70th birthday and my wife gave me the BEST birthday gift a man and Hertz owner could ever want. She has planned this out starting around Labor Day while I was attending the MCA 40th Anniversary party in Indy. She call the Hertz Corp.asking if she could rent a 2016 GT-H. After talking with a few people she thought she hit the right person, who was very friendly and helpful. She asked to rent one and he asked where she was flying into. Her answer was not flying but coming from our local town to the Hertz counter at O'Hare. His reply was sorry but you need to fly into O'Hare and pick the car up there. That didn't stop her. She made a call to Tim Stieve the regional director for the Great Lakes and his reply was he would see what he could do. Well to make a LONG story short Tim contacted Tracey Smith and the rest is history. Between Tracey and Scott Black this was going to happen. Fast forward to Thursday Nov 10 at 3pm I drove my 06 GT-H into the Hertz pickup area where Scott, Tracey, my wife, daughter and son in law, brother and his wife and daughter,Rob Smith { quadcam } Jim Luxbacher the General Manager for Chicago Area Operations were waiting to surprise me. My eyes couldn't believe what I saw when Tracey pulled up and revved that 5.0 with that beautiful exhaust sound. Scott had planned a Facebook live session that some of you probably have seen. Scott asked me all kinds of questions but all I could do was look at that 2016 GT-H, WOW! I was given the keys and along with all present we went to dinner. This was the start of a weekend of driving FUN. The next morning we drove to Mt Calvary, WI to visit my relatives and of course my 2006 GT-H was going along for the drive. Monday came way too soon and had to return the best birthday gift I ever had. I have added a link to some photos. Please enjoy! https://1drv.ms/a/s!Aiy5sR-tAon4gotjOju9fPyMm2bT6Q Rich Michiels 19again PS. This rental was well documented by me and not harmed in anyway. :}
  7. Congrats on your purchase! Sorry I cant help you on the plastic ducts since I own a 06 but on the lanyards and pins try Scott Drake. I replaced mine and Scott supplied them. His web is www.drakeautomotivegroup.com. I'm sure another helpful Hertz owner will be able to help with the ducts. And enjoy the 07.
  8. Owning a 06 Hertz I was shocked to see that car sold for so little. If you look in the 2006 GT-H thread you will se more posts on this car. I hope this isn't any indication as to where the values of our cars are headed. Good luck in you purchase. Keep looking in the classifieds here on TS.
  9. +1 on Troy's post. If that was a Illinois buyer I hope they contact me. I want to hear that story.
  10. Mecum Chicago sold 06H137 for a reported $17,500. https://www.mecum.com/lots/CH1016-257270/2006-ford-shelby-gt-h/
  11. What a great story and then topping it off with that amazing trip. Wow! All your pics were perfect. Thanks!
  12. Thanks to all that attended the 40th. I didn't arrive until Saturday morning and I too liked where we were placed. Sorry that I didn't meet up with everyone. I think the MCA did a wonderful job in planning and executing the event.
  13. It was great meeting you and watching the heat vapors rise off the car after you flogged it. Every time I was in the stands I saw that Hertz car fly past and dreaming of my 06 doing the same. Happy that you made the trip and had SO MUCH FUN. Thank you.
  14. Doug, daughter, Hertz car and Shelby priceless! Looking gooooood.
  15. Thanks for the pics. We have a person who is documenting as many 2016 GT-H cars. He would be interested in any info you have on that car.
  16. Great news! Welcome to the black and gold. When you get a chance post some photos.
  17. Larry congrats. Wear it proud.
  18. I still can't believe my dealer said fourth quarter for my parts.
  19. For those that are attending the MCA 40th Anniversary in Indy I am heading up the MORE parking for Team Shelby. As with any program like this, in order to make it work and be properly executed, prior planning and coordination of all the participants is essential. 1. A minimum of 20 cars are required to reserve a MORE parking area for your group. 2. All participants in your group must be registered for the Mustang Club of America 40th Anniversary Celebration. 3. Each group must have ONE designated group coordinator who will be the point of contact with the MORE Program Coordinator. 4. Deadline to apply for a MORE parking area is July 31, 2016 (this deadline is firm). 5. All areas will be assigned on a first come first served basis. 6. Your group will be assigned an exclusive number by which to identify it. 7. The MORE Program Coordinator will provide the Group Coordinator with an EXCEL spreadsheet. This spreadsheet will provide following data for persons in your group that wish to participate: a. Name b. Address c. Phone d. Email address e. Club/Group name f. # of cars per participant DO NOT send any other information and DO NOT omit any of this information. NO OTHER SPREADSHEET WILL BE ACCEPTED. 8. Participants must acknowledge that they are committed to parking in their assigned MORE parking area. Their mirror hang tag will indicate such. 9. No tents allowed in the MORE parking area. 10. Only the MUSTANG registered for the Mustang Club of America 40th Anniversary Celebration will be allowed to park in the MORE lot. Please send your info to Rich Michiels teamshelby.il@hotmail.com
  20. i was told by a service writer they are not replacing with Takata units. He didn't say who's unit is being installed.
  21. Ed send me your email via text and I will send you the schedule. 630-750-8388
  22. Congrats on purchasing 302! Please post a few photos.
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