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  1. I might be new to this 2016 thread but not to Hertz cars. We are the owners of 06H352. We purchased 16H067 two weeks ago and was delivered on Monday. Couldn’t be more excited to own this rare Shelby. After driving and enjoying our 06 and able to rent 16H085 back in 2017 we can’t wait to drive the 50th Anniversary edition. Once I reduce the size of the photos I will post them.




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  2. Some one traded a 2016 GT-H in on a 2014 GT500 a couple days ago.  The deal was made at CNC Motors in Upland, CA. I am interested in that Hertz car. Can someone help me out in who that owner is? The person is a Shelby owner of other models.

    Thanks for any help. 



  3. After 10 or more years I’m in need of a new cover. What I have now is a nylon form fitting cover that fits perfectly. Looking for possibly the same kind or maybe something better. Please help me out, Christmas is just around the corner and Santa might bring it. The cover I have now is a Weathershield form fit. I have looked at Covercraft which says Weathershield and that model isn’t what I have now. 

  4. 12 minutes ago, MadManMoon said:

    Registered!  I can't make the track day, and I likely have to leave Saturday (so I'll miss Woodward), but looking forward to the Thursday and Friday events.  My wife and I came to Dearborn 2011, but my GT500 was still in the shop, so we drove her F-150 on the Proving Grounds instead...that was still quite an experience, but I'm looking forward to getting the Shelby on those banked turns!

    Can't wait to see some familiar faces and meet some new friends!

    Thank you Andrew for attending and looking forward to meeting you.

  5. On 4/10/2018 at 6:56 AM, gww52 said:

    I'm getting ready to register.

    Is there a discount code for the Edward yet, or just call them?

    Good question. Right now no discount code but we are working on having one very soon. In the mean time mention the event by name and that should do the trick. Thank you for being part of the Team Shelby 2018 Dearborn Invasion. 

    Here is the direct link to The Edward for reservations. Promo code is already attached. 



  6. 47 minutes ago, Shelbyville said:

    Sounds great!  We have had fun every time we have gone to Dearborn for Shelby / Mustang events.  Can only do the weekend events this time, unfortunately.  The wife and I are definitely in and may even bring the son & daughter-in-law (future Mustang aficionados:).  Is there an email list we need to be on to stay up to date on announcements?   

    Shelbyville you can contact us at this email address. teamshelby.il@hotmail.com. I will answer or get a answer questions concerning the 2018 Team Shelby Dearborn Invasion. Happy that your family are attending. Looking forward to meeting them.

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