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  1. Great Car! Incredible in my book!
  2. Thanks Steve...if it was something really good, I might have gotten another set. Hi Snoopy49 - I had actually done that with the window sticker and it works just fine. But I really wanted the SVT Certificate mainly, I just got window sticker as a toss in, since I was placing an order anyhow. Thanks for checking into this for us Steve.
  3. Thanks mi Amigo....now I may put them on after all. It looks much better with them still in the openings and just painted black. My TVS goes on this week too!
  4. love the SVTPP wheels...wish I could afford a set to mount some other tires on...maybe next year.
  5. Amigo...how did they leave the brake ducts on there? I always read that they had to be removed...did they cut off some of the tabs on the back of the lower grille?
  6. Exactly. Yep, I drive in the rain all the time.
  7. Awesome. Don't see enough of the red cars.
  8. Sweet looking car...I'm not one for aftermarket wheels...but those work pretty well.
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  10. I've driven my car in single digit weather with the stock F1 Supercar tires and didn't have an issue. It's a matter of using your head and knowing the temps and applying the gas pedal and brake pedal accordingly. But basically anything below 50 degrees and I start to feel the traction go. Obviously, any type of snow or ice is a complete no-go with summer tires. Don't even attempt it.
  11. Great to hear that this worked for you Skiph. Thanks for the update.
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