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  1. I can identity with your dislike/frustration with Hertz but Phyllis is correct and you’re not taking into account the shape of the vehicles that went sub 40. The last 20 all had money spent on repairs and many had a marked carfax. NONE of the clean cars made it to 40. we could debate all day and I’m not defending them in any way (that’s where we agree) but I’m of the mindset there will always be 150-200 people that want the cars so they will reach a bottom like the 06-07 (even if they didn’t reenergize the brand)
  2. I highly doubt that. It took 10 years to see the 06-07’s hit that price. If you are right, I’ll have one in the garage.
  3. First things first. The carbon looks outstanding on the GT-H and after dealing with those 2 ton hoods, the struts were a great move! Second, you're right, while you were dancing, I was in the parking lot getting up the nerve. If I don't find it, so be it.
  4. Oklahoma City. My photos of the damage are too large to post. The best part was the salesman guaranteeing it would be worth $200,000 in 23 years. Specific and optimistic all in one.
  5. In the spirit of sharing information, I looked at 57 this weekend and it let me down. Broken side scoop, a significant dent above the right rear quarter, no floor mats, missing the piece over the radiator, and a salesman that claimed 140 made.
  6. i don’t disagree with you, I’m just trying to find the best example since the price is static. I have been told repair costs from $500 to $20000. Obviously the higher that number, the more the repair should be considered. Frankly, all off us would prefer a clean history if possible. Hertz makes this a challenge by listing, delisting, and occasionally moving the vehicles. it will work out in the end. I’m just sharing thoughts, and reaching out to others in my situation. Like 10 years ago, we have a savvy bunch that don’t trade info until their prize is secured. back to the hunt.....
  7. Most of the locations I've called have been up front with me about accident history. They are also very locked in on price which I find amazing. A 17000 mile car with no damage history is selling for the same price as a 30000 mile car with repair work done. Also, if you have access to Carfax, it shows some info. I can't say how many of the remaining have damage but I will say I haven't found one in the last month that hasn't had repair work done. In the end, I quess it doesn't matter if it's minor. I am standing firm on the car having all of it's bits and pieces which is another frustration. The above car with a GT front, another missing side scoops, another missing floor mats with a busted splitter. If that's all that is left, I'll wait until someone like me sells theirs in the future. The hardest part in all of this is selling the 07. I wish I had more room, I would keep it for a very long time and I'm sure it would reward me when I decided to sell. I believe once all the 16's are gone, the 06-07 market will start it's slow upswing. There were a bunch of us who decided to sell to get the 16 and that bumped the price down a bit.
  8. It’s a tough search. So many have accident history. The one in Scottsdale doesn’t even have the front grill or stripes on the nose piece and they won’t budge on price! if the present is any indication, I could wait a few years and save a few thousand but who cares about that?!? i talked to John in Tulsa and he happened to have the 16 I had been pursuing from Charlotte. He said the other car there was trashed. the final question is whether to sell the 07 if I find a descent 16 or try and keep them both. if I wait too long everything will happen without my input.
  9. I'm very surprised anyone is willing to trade in their Hertz badge and $75 for the same poor quality badge. I might look local to find someone that can re crome it. Now if Shelby would produce a billet Hertz badge, I would be very interested as it would hold up much better. Unfortunately, there is not enough profit in the 100+/- they would sell.....
  10. I went back and forth on getting this package with Gary a couple of years ago. In the end, I went with the headrest and console. Looking at your's I feel like I did when trying to decide....I want it, I don't, I do...you know the drill. Do you like the driver and passenger seats? Do they seem to have more bolster? I've never been happy with the stock seats....
  11. Just my 2 cents if Shelby is listening. I am still (very patiently) waiting for a cap that ends in GT-H
  12. I took 371 out last year on Saturday's open track day. The only complaint I had was the automatic.....It took me a while to realize I never needed to use drive. Of course, I went out with the monster energy driver and realized I had a fear limit on the track. It came when I was afraid we were going to plow into the rear end of a very nice 66 road racer entering a turn. That was when I understood the concept of having great brakes!
  13. Did you drop ship it or is that letting Juan set up the shipping to your door?
  14. The company line is to run 93 octane. I have been using BP here in the states and keeping all of my receipts just in case the plugs foul again. Of course, that might not even be your problem. Good luck, I hope it's an easy fix!
  15. Just a thought. The plugs tend to foul on the GT-H. Mine did the same thing as yours seems to be doing. New plugs solved the problem. There use to be a lot of forum posts about this topic. The claim was fuel additive or substandard fuel. You might pull a couple of plugs and take a look.
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