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  1. Almost forgot. The installer at Ford said he reused the release bearing from my stock clutch because the kit didn't come with a new one. Again I have no idea if this would cause the noise I'm hearing but thought I would add it for discussion.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. Just got it back after installing new isolator sleeves and no more noise. I couldn't reuse my old ones because after being in the attic 3 years in south Louisiana they weren't much good anymore. They were never reused after changing them. Now for the next problem to trouble shoot that has just popped up. I also installed the SPEC SS trim clutch at the same time. It seems to work great, I've got 25,000 miles on my car so I do drive it, but there is a noise that has just started. It doesn't happen every time I take off but if I'm trying to slowly start rolling and not take off real fast I'm getting a chirping noise. It almost sounds like two pieces of metal rubbing. Any suggestions again would be appreciated. I read in another post someone talking about using the proper Ford PTFE greese on transmission shaft. Don't know.
  3. Thanks for the video Grabber, I will definitely order these since I'm pretty sure they will have to take the struts off to fix what ever is wrong with it. Tob, I'm gonna make sure I ask them about this when I go in on Monday. I also have the Maximum Motorsports caster camber plates on my car but I had no noise the day before installation and all kind of noise the day after so I don't think this is affecting it.
  4. I saw those and I'm going to ask if he thinks they will help. Has anyone installed this set up without upgrading there strut mounts? It's hard to believe it's supposed to make this much noise. I figured out what it sounds like. Have you heard those kids riding around in those low rider trucks where you can hear the suspension bottoming out. Well that's what it sounds like.
  5. I had the Ford dealer install the KR kit minus the springs, I already had the Ford Racing Lowering Springs on it. Since intallation I have a lot of noise coming from the front that wasn't there before. Its seems to only be there at slower speeds like going down my neighborhood when it hits the expansion joints in the concrete. The installer said it could be because the stock strut has some type of rubber between it and the strut tower and the KR kit is more metal on metal. Does this sound right or is he crazy. I also had him put my upgraded jounce bumpers back on the new struts instead of using the ones that came with it. Any suggestions on what I can do would be appreaciated.
  6. If anyone has one of the US Speedo Gauge faces installed can you tell me if the SVT still lights up like it does on the stock face. Thanx
  7. I've searched but can't seem to find anything. Is anyone running the Michelin Pilot Super Sport in 295/35/20 on a 10" rear? If so can you please post pictures of you set up. Thanks
  8. I have made it through my career by letting the people you deal with dictate how they get treated. You respect me, I respect you. If you want to be treated like an animal then I can do that too. Tell him good luck in his new career as part of the best profession in the world.
  9. Best I can do is tell you there's one for sale in Houma, I'm sure they wouldn't mind you taking pictures with it. It's Import One of Houma, hopes this helps. http://www.importoneofhouma.com/windowsticker.php?UniqueID=1ZVHT85H475326692
  10. I'm not sure if they carry the 2010 yet but the cheapest I've found for the 2007-2009 is $417 + $50 s/h from performanceparts4fords.com
  11. any contact info for Our Gang Cruisers, Ford club, I'm in Houma
  12. I've always thought it was funny how the people who complain about law enforcement speeding are always the first one to cry about why it took so long for us to get there when they need us. People also forget that a drivers license is a privilege that can be taken away by the state at any time, it is not a "right." My two cents on this subject that may or may not help is this. At least where I work, when your dispatched to a call you are also told what Code to run. Code 1= get there when you can, don't exceed the speed limit, Code 2=you are allowed to exceed the speed limit (even without your lights and siren on) and use your lights and siren only to clear traffic out of your way, then proceed without them on again, Code 3=lights and siren and get there as fast and safe as possible. I'm not gonna sit here and defend 100% of law enforcement because just like the rest of society we have our bad apples. But I will say the next time you see a law enforcement officer speeding with no lights and siren running, chances are there on the way to a call. Last thing is this, your mother, wife or daughter is broke down in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire in the middle of the night. Do you want me doing the speed limit to get there?
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