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  1. Frame it ! Would look great with a color coordinated frame hanging in your garage, etc.
  2. I have two on one of my Camaros. They need room/space to be spliced into the exhaust which we do not have with side pipes. Also they can be problematic ( Not opening or closing fully, etc ). I wouldn't consider installing them on my cobra. Suggestion: Change to a more efficient muffler in your side pipes. ( The Shelby side pipes have only a fiberglass glass pack type muffler in their side pipes ). Its a fairly big job but remove the side pipes, have the glass pack mufflers removed, install real straight through race mufflers, re chrome the pipes and then re install on your car.
  3. Problems are opportunities for improvement. ( And usually the bigger the problem the bigger the opportunity ). For example I can see this is an opportunity for you to learn a very important lesson and an opportunity for you to get another better Shelby next time.
  4. If I didn't already have one I would surely seriously consider this car. A real aluminum body Shelby csx ( probably with carrol shelbys signature on the mso too ) . Cant get much better than that.
  5. Call Kooks. And have the part number of your headers available.
  6. Didn't dyno it after the change. However, the improvement is shocking. And again the sound is fantastic especially on the decell that now has some nasty snap, crackle and pop.
  7. Changed from 3.6 KB to 4.0 Whipple on my 2013 Super Snake. What a great improvement ! More power all across the power band. More drivability and much more intense exhaust note. And best of all the supercharger whistle ( Hamster wheel ) is all but gone. Again what a great improvement !
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