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  1. dshafs


    Great thread- Thank you everyone for your detailed and knowledgeable input.
  2. What a story! I am sure my son can figure out a way to ship to Denmark. His adapter works !! His email is skylershaffer@gmail.com
  3. Great post. Lots of hard work goes into these events and and a Thank You to those who are doing the work goes a long way. I think it's great bringing the two clubs together for an event like this. It was a blast !
  4. Wonder why it says I am a new member when I've been around for years... must be post count.
  5. Looking forward to the event. My son and I are stoked! Now...which car to bring.....
  6. Welcome Rush - Maybe 125,126 & 127 will see each other at an event sometime! Dave
  7. What if you are wrong? Will you be posting on here to tell us about that?
  8. Really happy you are pleased with the adapter. I love mine and it's great not to have to worry about losing the cap. It's my understanding that there are many cars without them. Dave
  9. I am sure your probable correct assessment of Hertz loyalists was taken into consideration by the decision makers when they decided to exploit the GT-H designation. "Let's do it - there aren't that many to piss off" Hertz Loyalist
  10. The high road is usually the road less traveled and an admirable path. Across all Shelby production including the early years the percentage of Hertz editions is fractional. That is why they are so special. Although I doubt it, could it be the decision makers calculated that it would not be a large number if Hertz owners were displeased?
  11. It would be humanly impossible for me to agree more.
  12. Shelby American announced today they will be producing a 2019 Shelby GT. And they will offer a gold on black and gold on white GT-H addition with optional gold wheels. WTF? A GT-H that was never designed for Hertz? https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/news/shelby-ford-mustang-gt-2019-fastback-convertible/
  13. Griffith Ford? I had been watching that car.
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