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  1. Welcome Rush - Maybe 125,126 & 127 will see each other at an event sometime! Dave
  2. What if you are wrong? Will you be posting on here to tell us about that?
  3. Really happy you are pleased with the adapter. I love mine and it's great not to have to worry about losing the cap. It's my understanding that there are many cars without them. Dave
  4. I am sure your probable correct assessment of Hertz loyalists was taken into consideration by the decision makers when they decided to exploit the GT-H designation. "Let's do it - there aren't that many to piss off" Hertz Loyalist
  5. The high road is usually the road less traveled and an admirable path. Across all Shelby production including the early years the percentage of Hertz editions is fractional. That is why they are so special. Although I doubt it, could it be the decision makers calculated that it would not be a large number if Hertz owners were displeased?
  6. It would be humanly impossible for me to agree more.
  7. Shelby American announced today they will be producing a 2019 Shelby GT. And they will offer a gold on black and gold on white GT-H addition with optional gold wheels. WTF? A GT-H that was never designed for Hertz? https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/news/shelby-ford-mustang-gt-2019-fastback-convertible/
  8. Griffith Ford? I had been watching that car.
  9. Important - This is just for the gray adapter you see attached to the cap. It does not include the Billet Cap. Many of the 2016 GT-H washer fluid caps are missing because of a loose fit. The O-Ring just does not seal the cap and they can become jarred off and fall down into the frame or out on the road - gone. My son designed and fabricates (3d-prints) an adapter that solves this problem and provides for an excellent tight fit. See photos. I don't think I am allowed to sell on here so if you are interested go to the classified section and look for topic. 2016 GT-H Washer Fluid Cap Adapter. It will tell you how to get one. Dave
  10. I think 108 in Wisconsin is the best car out there right now - other than Don's "never rented" cars at Vantage Sportscars. They just lowered the price 2K also. I wonder what they would really take. https://www.autotrader.com/cars-for-sale/vehicledetails.xhtml?listingId=468642585&hideBackLink=true&Log=0
  11. I bought one from the same place buland did. They were helpful. Knew what I was talking about. I don't have it yet.
  12. Looks like down to 15 Cars on Autotrader. Don't bother with the car that is on Ebay in Mt. Juliet Tennessee. My cousin went to test drive it for me. Said everyone at the dealership was aloof and could care less about customer service. He took a bunch of pictures. Car does not look good. Don at Vantage Sportscars said it had 4K worth of damage. Matter of fact he said just about every car left (except his of course) has had damage repairs.
  13. Might you please share where you got the tank cover? Thanks
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