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  1. Has anyone ever had issues with their FRPP tune. Ever since I put the tune, CAI, on my 2008 it has never realy ever ideled correctly. It seems faster than normal and fluctuates several hundred RPM when ideling at stop lights ...., not smooth at all. I have a hard time believing that Ford designed this like that. Any ideas ?
  2. Has anyone put Flowmaster American Thunder on? I am curious to know if they drone. A friend just put them on a 2011 GT 5.0. They sound great, but he said they drone at around 1200 RPM, however he also said that after a couple hundred miles the drone disapated. I wonder how our H pipe effects the sound quality compared to another car that does not have the H pipe.
  3. What is the best way to install LCA ? Steeda says that you have to use a lift to allow the rearend to hang then install the LCA. Does that mean that they are preloaded or can you use ramps or jack stands ? How important is it that they are preloaded ?
  4. Correct me if I am wrong, but any signature on a legal document must be notarized. Find the notary who notarized it and you might find the answer.
  5. Just purchased a set of Steeda LCA`s. Can some tell me how to un-hook the emergency brake cable in order to run the cable through the LCA? Thanks
  6. Thanks, I do have the stock wheels. I am currently thinking about the FR3 pack from Ford, But am still doing research on the Eibach kit as well. Any suggestions ?
  7. i have found a set of used sticker tires for track day. They are 275/35/18. I know they will fit on the back fine, but will they rub on the front? My car is stock height and no mods to the suspension yet.
  8. Thanks for everything. You did a great job. R.I.P.
  9. Hello, do what you have to do Have a Great why could not be you say Hello can you fix that but nooo you want to sue ok I see your Day is Great Thank you. What the .... I am getting a headache just trying to read this.
  10. I have this exact setup on my 2008. The Pirellis are a very good tire, but are very hard (i.e. spin very easy) but wear very good. I have had no problems with balance or fit. The 285 would probably look better, but at 20 feet you can't tell the difference in the size.
  11. Does anyone have pictures of a Super Snake hood with the dual stripes on it ? I am thinking about making the switch from stock (2008) to a Super Snake, but am curious as how some of you routed the stripes to make it match the rest of the car .
  12. This is the one I got, although it has gone up from this summer. I paid $150. for it, but like I said I have had no problems. Just be sure and read the instructions for programing the sensors after the installation . http://www.americanmuscle.com/tpms-fullkit.html
  13. I bought the kit from Amaerican Miscle when I switched to my Alcoas on my 2008. They work perfect.
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