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  1. That is good to know. I have a 2019 GT350 that wasn't shown, and the 2020 GT500 isn't shown. The paperwork and owner's package is saying to go here to be a member. Currently, you can't find them listed.
  2. Just asking? The Ford Shelby GT350 just go to 2018.
  3. I have a 2019 Mustang Shelby GT350. It happened on my 10th Anniversary of membership here.
  4. I'll be there. It should be a fun event.
  5. I read the WSJ article in Saturday's paper. Dan Neil has all kinds of automotive writing credentials, but I have never really agreed with any of his opinions. Frank Jackson Ford (Sandy Springs) has ~3 Boss 302's, one Boss LS, and ~3 new Shelby GT500's. They want ADM for all of them (~$4K-$6K).
  6. I have some of the old stock certificates from the old GM. My wife's granddad gave her shares many years ago. I managed to convince her to sell most of them at $50-$60 back around 2003 when GM was doing well. She insisted on keeping some shares due to emotional reasons. They are worth more now as a collector item after GM was forced in bankruptcy. Equity stockholders, preferred stockholders, many secured bondholders, and all unsecured bondholders were wiped out of billions of dollars by the quick government-forced bankruptcy. I doubt they'll be getting back in.
  7. GM was given $49.5 billion by the government. GM has have already paid back $9.5B. GM hopes to sell 365 million shares tomorrow which will lower their ownership from 61% to 35%. There will be tremendous pressure on the stock as the government unloads those additional shares in the future. The UAW and the Canadian government will also be selling. I agree. I wouldn't buy one share.
  8. The more pad area the better (the Baer has more pad area than the Brembo). The more pistons are better (heat does evil things to brakes). A six-piston, in theory, has better control on the brake pads. I'd certainly agree that drilled rotors do not work well in road racing applications. The massive heat can cause cracks from the drilled holes. If those large (vs. the small "spider" cracks which are normal) spread (and they will), you could find yourself upside down and on fire on a road race course. One secret of brake performance is a good set of cooling ducts. That is a good thing. Lane was a pioneer on Ford message boards. He offered real tech when no one else did. But he didn't properly back-up the message board with another server. The main server crashed, and the site lost years of good tech. Most of us moved to the other Mustang sites that came later. On a street car? Yes. But "minimal" on a race car is the difference between finishing on the podium and mid-pack.
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