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  1. How difficult was the MGW shifter installation? Did you have it on a lift? Or jack stands? Details please. I'm considering getting one and I don't know if I'm gonna do it myself or take it to the shop. Thanks in advance.
  2. Have you tried greasing all the joints and bushings? Sounds to me like that would solve the problem.
  3. I think the rear end looks pretty badass...I'm still trying to digest the front of it. Don't know what I think about the whole thing just yet. But I DO know this...I will have a 2014 Shelby GT500 50th Anniversary... IF they make one. Gotta have the 50th!!!!
  4. Question: Am I stupid? (can't get the negative battery cable off) Answer: Yes.
  5. Where did you get that GREEN belt? What brand is it? What's the length? I want one...
  6. It adds ALOT of power...and more importantly...TORQUE. It is a VERY SIGNIFICANT increase in power. It's badass! You gotta do it!
  7. Under the floor jack and the jack stands, you need to put a piece of thin hardboard. It spreads the weight out and there is NO MARRING, CUTTING, OR MARKING of the flooring. Works great.
  8. I just moved into a new house and I decided to cover my garage floor with the Craftsman PVC Garage Floor Tiles. Here's a few installation pics and some finished product pics. It looks AWESOME in person. I spent a total of $1200.00 to do the entire garage. It took me 8 hours to do it. I highly recommend it to all of you. Very nice upgrade for your garage.
  9. You need to use a voltmeter on the fuse panel behind the kick panel on the front passenger foot well. In the middle row, about half way up, there are several fuse slots that are 12V hot during crank and run. Go to AutoZone or Advance Auto Parts (or any auto parts store) and get you a piggy back fuse so that you can tap into the fuse slot. Hope that helps.
  10. I bought mine because I am awesome...and I had to have a matching car.
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