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  1. Well pretty much any romp on the throttle in 1st is a waste of rubber. As for the 1-2 shift, well traction is how do I say......not there either. And 1st is such a short gear that it rolls out really quick so not a whole lot of time to just roll into it like you are saying. To keep traction I doubt you will get it to the floor before you need to hit 2nd. And as for loss of traction in 1st it depends on throttle, as boost come on almost instantly so really no room for error or.....just sliding come on pretty fast :happy feet: Todd
  2. Could care less about this. I paid for the tune. Now if I was still using the tune and tried to copy it and send it to someone then that I can understand. And passing on tunes is an EVERY day occurrence, in fact in the Diesel performance world it is just a given. That is where I came from prior the the Shelby. Todd
  3. That is what I want to do, sell it as a kit. But what confused me was that I had to give both the SCT S/N, and the VIN to my car. If it is VIN locked (the tune) that is, then I will just return my car to stock, remove the JL tune from the SCT and sell him the pipe and unlocked stock tuner. I know how to do everything I need to do to free up the tuner. My only question: "is the tune programmed to be VIN specific?" As far as tune for different mods....This is not an issue. The only difference is going to be the car/VIN.
  4. Ok more details. The tune is the 93 octane off-road x-pipe on a stock car. Someone wants to buy my O/R X-pipe and SCTx3. I would like to know if the Lund tune can be used on his car or is it locked for use on my car only? Both cars are stock and only mod will be the X-pipe. So only change will be what the parts are used on, and yes both are '10 model years. As I know the tune for the 2010 is different from other years. I know how to get the Lund tune off the SCT and yes it did come via email from Lethal Performance. I am just looking to be able to sell the Lund tune to him for a few extra $$$$. If not I will have to sell him the pipe and stock X-pipe. Todd
  5. Bob Yeah the canned tunes that come with the unit are clear to use as needed. Just not sure about the Lund tune. I did have to give the SCT serial number and my VIN, I am not sure if this was so he could get me the proper tune, or to lock this for use with my car only. Does anyone know????? Todd
  6. Ok going to be selling my SCTx3 but I have a question. It currently has the Lund 93 tune for off-road x-pipe. My question is can this tune be used on another car? Or after I return my car to stock do I just need to delete the Lund tune? Can someone point me in the correct direction? Also I know I need to return the car to stock, just not sure what to do after that. Todd
  7. +1 Just not feeling it much myself anymore. ps. I miss the dirt, think I want my truck back.
  8. How is the Kenwood system going to blend with the Sync system? Have you spoke to anyone about possible issues? If this is a true plug n' play then I am very interested. Todd
  9. My old I-pod mini worked great via USB on the version of sync that came with the car. Updated sync about 3weeks ago and now the USB does not work!!! Is it possible to roll back to a prior version of sync? Todd
  10. Good to see I am not alone. Wife stole mine 3 times last week for her 60mi one way drive to work. She even laughed when she told me she did a burnout, and raced some guy in a new BMW 6 series!!!!!! Todd
  11. Now that is what I am talking about!!!! :happy feet: Drive it my friend, drive it!!!! PS. I think we should start a "No garage queens" club... Todd
  12. Another CTS-V here. Took the GT500 because no CTS-V's in my area. Also both local Caddie dealers treated me like total shit! Todd
  13. Picked up from dealer 9/10/09 with 17.3mi. As of right this minute I have 7,576mi. Lets add to this thread.....Who also needs tires . Yes I do Todd
  14. I would not add width to the front. The wider the tires on the front the slower the car is going to react going into a corner, also going to add stress to the steering components. Now for the rear, when I get the cash I am going to squeeze 305's on the stockers. My car is 100% street driven daily driver so they 305's will work perfect. Todd
  15. I just use the hose, my detail brush and soap. As long as you avoid hard spray you will not have a problem. Not all that exciting putting water in there....It does get wet when you drive in the rain. For the NON-Garage queens Todd
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