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  1. Has anyone put his kit on after having the 123mm whipple kit on there? I am curious to see what is the power difference between the new JLT 127 and the old whipple 123mm. ANybody? Thanks
  2. I will have to say though, that I have never launched my car with slicks on at 4k rpm's either. So it is very possible if i did my stuff might break also, just like yours. But so far with the 20" nt05r drag radials everything seems to be alright. Appologize if i sounded condescending in my first post. I understand upr is no griggs and I do not really know much about MM.
  3. I have all UPR rear suspension components. LCA, UCA, UCA mount, LCA re-location brackets and pan-hard rod and a UPR catch can. I have over 700 rwhp and have never had a problem at all. What type of bearing do you have? I got the poly bushing becuase I didn't want any clunking around and I have to say that the UPR products have worked great for me. They are very quiet and so far have performed decently. No, it is no Griggs but for what I need it works. Did you have your lower arms/brackets welded or just bolted onto your car? The guy who sold me my blower had used BMR products on his car and said he had mutiple UCA failures and that he would never use BMR again. Told me to try UPR and that's what I did. I believe that leathal aslo has UPR products on their 2010 9 sec stang. I mean how can the product be designed badly? It's a lower control arm. How can a LCA really differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, it's just a LCA they have to all basically be about the same.
  4. griot's stuff looks legit, going to have to try some products.
  5. Also agree with Blue for the meguiars stuff. I have found the Ultimate quick wax to be the best spray stuff for my black car. Least streaky of them all if that makes sense. The scratch X 2.0 is also really good on deep scrathces. I was skeptical at first but tried some and was pretty impressed.
  6. The 2013 is really the next gen mustang or that is just how these forums are set up by moderators? How can you have a next generation when the exterior appearence is the same. Thought it had to be like a complete change all around for it to be considered a "next" generation. Different engine, different exterior, etc. etc.
  7. I didn't know whipple had a twin bore either, are you thinking about L&M throttle boddies?
  8. I stand corrected. Thanks. So, yes these wheels would be a nice alternative to the stock PP wheels. They are cheap. Might have to wait 3 months or longer to get them though.
  9. I'm not sure, would have to talk to Forgestar. I do not see why Forgestar couldn't make some 20x10 or 20x10.5 that would fit without any modification but I don't know. Would suck to order some 10.5 thinking they would fit fine and then they don't. If you already have the PP wheels why are you looking at these? The f14's and the PP wheels almost look the same and the PP wheels are 20x10 in the back already. I really wanted some wider rubber in the back for traction. FOrgestar told me the 20x11 would fit great and I think they do and it enables me to get some rubber down. The f14's feel pretty light for a 20. Did not get an actually weight though. As far as the modification goes, it's not a big deal. If you do it right looks like it came that way from the factory. And you can still keep you bump-stops. THere is a whole thread abou it here http://www.teamshelby.com/forums/index.php?/topic/55653-bigger-rear-tires/.
  10. Here are some pics with Forgestar f14's 20x9 20x11, eibach pro-kit lowering springs, nitto nt05 255/35-20fr...nt05r 315/35-20rear. Had to remove bumpstop bracket as said in previous post but was able to retain the bump-stops by using zombeast re-location brackets. Photos taken on original iphone so the quality is fairly poor. Haven't had a chance to rip on them yet but compared to stock 285 goodyear f1's, horrible tire, I'm sure the traction will be so much better.
  11. So, would anybody cut panels to install window louvers?
  12. Getting ready to install a set of the Silverhorse Racing flush mount louvers. There is quite a bit of cutting that is needed on some panels so that louvers will fit...Does anyone have some tips or anything that will help with the installation. I guess I am kind of leary cutting into some perfectly fine quater panels just to make these things fit. Is it not that big of a deal? Anything specific I should look out for? THanks
  13. I just got my f14's installed on Friday, 20x9 - 20x11. Gunmetal. With nitto nt05r drag radials 315/35-20 in back and nitto nt05 255/35-20 in front. I think they look sweet, was going to post some pics up when I had time to take them. I also had an eibach pro-kit installed with the stock wheels about a year ago. Was a question of whether or not I would still be able to use the pro-kit because of clearance issues. They fit no problem with the new wheels and tires and the pro-kit I think is 1.5 or 1.25" drop in the back. You will have to remove the bump-stop & bump-stop bracket to get the f14's to fit though. BUt you can keep your bump-stop's if you buy some of zombeast bump-stop re-location brakets. They work great though, there is a thread about it in the modifications section on this forum and only about $70 or so. Only thing is though man, in all seriousness I waited 12.5 weeks for my wheels. Over 3 freaking months. Sure they are cheaper than a custom 3 or 2 piece wheel but you will wait alot longer. Looking back now if I knew I would have waited so long I would have spent and extra $1k to get a set of custom Forgelines. I mean the Forgestar off-set I guess is custom but you only have a choice between a couple styles and the F14's are the only ones that look good IMHO. Talk to Van at revan racing get some custom forgeline's and some customer service. My experience with Forgestar (others will say different)but my experience was not good. Customer service still means something to me these days and that's all I wanted was just some simple customer service, which evidently was to much to ask for. Their customer service was pretty-much non-existant. After about 10 weeks or so Peter told me my wheels were ready to ship and then like 2 weeks later they actually shipped and he never respnonded to any of my e-mails about what was going on after exchanging e-mails weeks before. Was pretty sad IMO. Anyway, so basically, good-looking wheel, cheap ($1830 shipped, price increase since I bought though), powder-coating job is by no means the best, couple bad spots here and there, only visible if you are staring at them cleaning them 6" away (i'm sort of a perfectionist when it comes to my car), did I mention cheap, you get what you pay for... but they do look real nice on my car, customer service sucked and wait time was over 3 months. Would I do it again? Hell no. I hope your experience with them will be better if you choose forgestar. It is nice to finally have some traction though and they look good on the car. WIll post some pics soon. Edit: the stock PP 2011+ wheels are 16 spoke, eight star, I dunno how you say it. The F14's are 14 spoke, seven star.
  14. No one has mentioned the Silverhorse racing ones? I really like the flush mount look. I guess maybe technically it is not a scoop cause it sites flush... I just took mine in to be painted so no pics yet. The only problems with the flush mount ones is that there is some installation that goes with it. You have to take the little rear windows actually out which requires to remove the back seat and a few other things. Whereas most other ones just fit over the window glass and are much easier to install.
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