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  1. That red KR at HBG mecum- 08KR0026 pristine! The new owner is a great guy and a real enthusiast- he found the perfect car at the perfect price!
  2. Dave, Give it a rest. You are coming off neurotic at this point.
  3. Great seeing you again ! Congrats on the silver though! Judging was tough!! We got nitpicked to death! Anyway, I have to tell you that you passed us on your way home. It was the first time I actually saw a KR driving on the road that I wasn't in. Now I know what everyone else drools over, simply awesome sight! Funny because watching one drive on the road had me smiling, they are just too cool. Hope to see you in Ohio next year. Andy
  4. Post. Of. The. Year ! LMAO!!!! Hold on, let me show you pics of the oil filter I'm putting on my GT500, in this photo you can see my finger pointing to the Ford racing logo. In the second photo you can see me holding the box that the filter comes in. In this photo you can look at me errr I mean look at my GT500s for the 8 thousandth time while I post another pic of the jack stands I use . See I'm pointing to the stands in this photo... Rob's look at me posts never get old
  5. LMAO! Thank You, I have not laughed that hard in forever! Yes, not only was I there, I've also been to every single MCA national/Grand National for the last three years. Every single one. So I do have something to make a comparison with. I honestly feel sorry for you. I'm not quite sure how someone goes from defending disney to wanting to fight at the flag pole after school. Oh and just as a side note, challenging people to fight goes against everything that the "It's a small world" ride represents. Mickey would be very unhappy with you! LMAO!!! I'm not interested in throwing down with you at all, in fact we have some of the same gripes of the show. But leave other people's accomplishments out of your hate filled rants. This show is over for me, I'm done commenting on it , looking forward to the 2014 nationals.
  6. Exactly! See you are catching on now! That little "riveted thingy" as you put it along with the associated history makes the KRs worth between double and triple the run of the mill GT500 or in dollars that little "riveted thingy" at the current market is now is worth about 35,000. The KR envy as shown on countless number of GT500s with wannabe hoods, wheels, etc. only makes that value go up !
  7. No, why? Good to see so many people desire the KRs and try to be like them as much as possible. You do realize these wheels say GT500KR on them right? And they were made for the KR exclusively? I have zero issues with others owning them . None at all. In fact I think KR envy is quite flattering
  8. His, you know that is spot on correct ! It's hard enough to pull off an event like this by itself. Mixing this across a huge controlling property like Disney along with multiple other major events at the same venue and a facility not equipped for it was a recipe for disaster. The unhelpful and poorly informed staff just made it that much worse. I'm sure they had the best intentions but at some point everything fell apart. I had the manager of the shuttle bus service tell me in person the club only paid for two vans however the club insisted otherwise. Just seems like too many items to be called coincidence. It's over now though. A lot of pissed people and a few really pissed people but its over now. On the positive side I can bet we won't see an event at Disney for a while lmao !!
  9. Hispony, While I understand your viewpoints and can relate I still maintain it was venue choice and Disney. What was the reason for having it inside a restrictive private track that no mustang could drive on? You could have put a chain link fence around a parking lot and had the same effect. The shuttle bus issue was entirely on the host club. But nearly ALL of the issues fall on venue choice (Disney). Had it been held anywhere else other than that God forsaken crap bucket 50% of the issues would have been moot. Sure you would still have the host club issues but at least the other 50% would not have been issues. (Entrance,exit, trailer parking, food prices, etc...). The parking by class thing, well, who in the heck knew what happened to that? Did I mention the venue choice was horrible? Do you know why it couldn't be change to inside? Because Disney insisted all items (trophies,shirts, programs, etc) that had mickyard on it be destroyed and recreated with coronado springs on it. That's ludacris. Don't put Disney on a pedastool. I would compare the host hotel to a 1 1/2 star motel 6 , nothing more. Had the venue been different it would have altered food pricing, parking, access and a multitude of other things. I do agree that it is not MCA's fault. It's 50/50 host clubs and Disney. I absolutely love MCA national events and try to make every one without exception. We will continue to do so without reservation. These events are the highlight of my family's summer. The few not-so-perfect events all have a common identifier: horrible venue choice. Hopefully lessons have been learned and clubs hosting future events will study this one as the how-not-to-hold-an-event manual. B)
  10. really?? Wow!! just passed 20K on 15" tires without a single issue. Not a thing. Rig is 53 feet total length ( 30 ft trailer) trailer weight is just under 10K. A blow out every 1-2K miles would mean I'd have to change tires 2-3 times every single trip. YIKES!
  11. Now you are just embarrassing yourself. Disney WAS the lions share of the blame but it appears those 50+ visits biased you some. That owner of the "plain Jane " 96 svt had won dozens of Shows over many years to win that pinnacle award. He worked on getting that award. It's called dedication. You are just proving how lame you are by busting on others cars. Dude you didn't win. Take your crying towel and ask Mickey Mouse to cheer you up. Geez get a life man. The show was a disaster mainly from Disney and the venue choice.
  12. LOL, nothing like being 3 years late to the party... As said earlier, The GT500KR was chosen as the invitational car for the 2011 Carlisle nationals. Most KRs in one place at one time ( I believe we had 41 combined 68s,08s and 09s),
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