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  1. So I've decided to start returning my car to stock in preparation for selling it and I don't have all my stock parts anymore. I was looking at buying a take off Eaton and was wondering if there would be any problems putting a 2011/12 blower and elbow on my 2010? Besides the color, is there anything else that would be different? I believe there's something different with the elbows and an evap connection but I'm not sure what I would need to do to fix that. Edit: Think I found it. http://vmptuning.com/07-12-gt500-induction/evap-tube/
  2. Go with the VMP Gen II. I had their Gen 1 blower and it made great power. I now have a Kenne Bell 3.6LC only because I got a great deal on it and its smog legal here in CA.
  3. I've tried to sell exhaust manifolds on the local craigslist for months at $50 and had zero emails/calls. Manifolds are the same for 07-14 GT500s. I just listed my stock xpipe/cats for $50. I'd really be surprised if I get calls for it. I think the 07-09s use the same pipes/cats so maybe I'll find someone that is due for a smog check here in CA. The 2011's did indeed change from 2.5 to 2.75 piping. They will still bolt up to the manifolds since those never changed but they won't bolt up to the over axle pipes.
  4. Too bad its not black. I'm about to pull the rear bumper/valance/lights off my 2010 next week to install 2013 versions. You might be able to find a grabber blue take off if you search around. Otherwise the bumper cover is about $471 MSRP and comes unpainted.
  5. Dang. I love the hood but $2000 is way to steep for me.
  6. I've got these and they work great on my lowered car with 18" wheels. http://www.ebay.com/itm/2-PC-2-Stage-72-Race-Ramps-6-8-initial-incline-like-RR-56-2-with-RR-EX-12-/230770561620?pt=Motors_Automotive_Tools&hash=item35baff5254
  7. Very clean car but they really need to get those tail lights tinted. Just stand out way to much with the matte black wrap.
  8. I got a MGW because when I was researching them it seemed everyone was raving about how nice it was. Its definitely nice but I don't think its a night and day difference. Maybe I was just expecting too much from all the reviews. A friend has a Steeda in his 07 GT500 and although I've only ever went through the gears while it was parked it seemed to be a nice piece as well. Maybe a little more notchy feel to it compared to my MGW. When the Barton came out I think I remember seeing pics of it and it was almost identical to MGW.
  9. I've been watching quite a bit of Fast & Loud and Chasing Classic Cars on TV where they sell quite a few of their cars at different auctions. The guys on these shows almost always seem to get way less than they wanted/expected for the cars. Also never understand whey they (sellers) would remove the reserve. Seen it where the bid is a few thousand less than the reserve and they talk the seller into removing the reserve thinking the bids will start to go up just because of that. It never seems to work. The bidding stays exactly where it was.
  10. You can just go peel them right off. It helps though to use a heat gun/hair dryer to warm them up a little first
  11. I usually go to AA Auto in El Cajon to have work done. http://sdautofix.com/ They have lots of experience with Mustangs. They've done everything from installing a complete Kenne Bell 3.6LC kit to swapping out my brake rotors. I usually don't hear good things about JBA. I've had them tune my car but no actual mechanical work. I remember I called about getting some work done a long time ago and they were really expensive. CCC Motorsports in Santee was also very expensive. They (CCC) quoted me $700 just in labor to install boost and wideband a/f gauges and a raptor shift light. AA told me it would be about $250.
  12. They have tanks on the 2013+ Super Snakes so perhaps send Jer a message or give them a call
  13. Just got home and its time for some cheesecake
  14. In case people haven't noticed, there's a video of the application on the autozone website http://www.autozone.com/autozone/accessories/3M-Paint-defender-spray-film/_/N-25h1?itemIdentifier=255934_0_0_.
  15. unless that was the Shelby test vehicle I'd bet that probably is a JLT and someone just paid to have the stuff engraved on it. Maybe its just the camera but it looks like it has some age to it. Can barely see the snake on it anymore.
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