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  1. To all who have ever served during peacetime or war, Thank you! This Veterans Day please take a moment and remember, a family member, a friend, or loved one, who at one point in their lives made the choice putting service to their Nation above all else. "Freedom has a flavor the Protected will never know" Thanks for this lesson Dad, I love you! (Bob Clinard USN KOREA)

  2. Vegas will be taken over by the U.S. Marine Corps this weekend :beerchug: for the Marine Corps Birthday Ball . So keep your women and children inside till Sunday morning :tequila: I will be bringing my Shelby of course and stopping at the Mother Ship, prior to the celebration on Friday night. I will do what I can to keep my Marines in line but can't promise anything about the rest. If anything else is happening this weekend I'd love to know or meet up with fellow Shelby people. Semper Fidelis to all who have or are currently serving and I will toast you all at the Ball! Josh
  3. Happy Birthday, Semper Fidelis!

  4. I entered into the MCCS 29 Palms Commanding Generals Car & Bike Show. With only 4 Categories it was a tight race, and my group was the moden car after 1980. This is just one more reason that demonstrates how much other people love our cars . Of course it helps that I allowed people to have their picture taken in my car. I know I am tooting my own horn here but I have to say that getting the 1st place peoples Choice trophy handed to me by the Base Commanding General was awesome . 08SGT1011 GT/SC Vert, the love of my life and I am glad my fiance' understands this . I hope to see you all this March. Semper Fidelis, Josh
  5. Last February I took my GT/SC into the dealer for a check engine light. They found that one of the Cats had blown and needed to replace it. Of course this was also arround the time of the Earthquake & Tsunami in Japan and it seemed that I was waiting forever for the part to come in. When it was fixed I found out that they had installed an H Pipe instead of an X Pipe. So I guess I'm asking if it makes any difference? Semper Fidelis Josh
  6. Hey Warren , wish I could make the trip. I'll be on field ops getting ready for deployment. Have an awesome time and I wish you continued success. Semper Fidelis

  7. I went to Iraq & re-enlisted for a Large tax free bonus. Then with the help of my brother and a POA, had it sent direct to SAI for mods. After my father picked her up and broke her in for me, I returned to the US and fell in love with driving such an amazing car. Best decision I ever made. Semper Fidelis
  8. Semper Fidelis To all who have been lost and those who have sacrificed a piece of themselves. May ALL OUR Wounds heal. Remember them this Veterans Day. Always Faithful & Never Forgotten!
  9. BUMP.....................ANY NEWS....................JUST WONDERING!
  10. Yea, if I found someone doing that to my car. They'd be spitting out teeth like chicklets, then i'd get to work breaking each finger and their wrists slowly. After that............ Semper Fidelis
  11. Roger, My Father and I are both doing well, Thank You. The car is running good but I do have something I need to ask and I will PM you tomorrow once I get the time, very busy today. All the Best, Josh
  12. I had my SGT/SC at the Vegas Bash this year and with only 2011 miles she bent a rod in #8. I later found out that the Dealer had been into the motor prior to sale for coolant in 3 cylinders and never told me. But in the end, Ford said that since the coolant issue was on the opposite side of the motor it had no bearing and that it was Shelby's problem since I had the KB done by Shelby. I feel your pain (TRUST ME!) but in the end SHELBY were the ones who took care of me and replaced my motor, I will never forget how they took care of me. GOOD LUCK with your baby. Semper Fidelis Josh
  13. U.S. Marine Corps 1992-1997 KC-130(F,R,T) Flight Mechanic, VMGRT-253 Cherry Point, NC, VMGR-452 Inspector & Instructor, Stewart ANGB Newburgh, NY 2005-Till I retire, Marine Communicator, 3 tours in Iraq with last one as advisor to Iraqi military. Next one to Afganistan in December-January. Semper Fidelis to all who serve!
  14. Thanks H0050 I'm always watching my back since I am living with the Iraqis as an Advisor. Though currently I am spinning up my replacement and prepping to go back to the States VERY VERY soon. I am looking forward to my NEW SGT/SC, Cold beer & hot women. Does anyone know the current total number of SGT's with the SC MOD done by SAI ? Thanks and Semper Fidelis
  15. Well, it's official. You can add a 2008 GT/SC Polished KB Vert to the list. :happy feet: My father picked it up from SAI today and is taking to AZ for me to "BREAK IT IN" until I return from Iraq. I just hope that I can get it away from him when I get back I told him to bring the camera and to take pics so, before you tell me, POST PICS I will when I have them. Semper Fidelis
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