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  1. I am on my second clutch and my third rear end. Luckily I have a dealer that goes to bat for the customer. I have less that 2000 miles on the car, and I have only about 25 miles on the last rear end. I plan on driving it under 50 for the first 100 miles, and not for more than 30 minutes at a time. Oh, and no heavy acceleration. This one sounds good, but the last one did too at this point.
  2. Well, springtime has returned, and guess what else? That right! The rear end is whining again! Oh well, back to the shop. Just received a Ford Extended Warranty Offer in the Mail today. What timing!
  3. Just installed the Ford Racing M-5230-MSVTLB 49 State Sport Muffler Kit last night. At start-up the sound is slightly louder, not much throatier. At WOT the mufflers let a lot of sound through, very loud. There is a lot of "pinging" (for lack of a better word) like you used to hear from glass packs (for all you old dudes who remember them), and the roar is very much like you hear on a circle track racer. I'm just not sure if I like it or not. Bottom line though is that it is loud and it does give you the feeling of more power. One question and one problem. Question: Do I need to make any motor adjustments to accommodate for the new mufflers? Problem: One of the mufflers has a bad weld and leaks slightly. The warranty states that the parts must be installed by a ford dealer in order to obtain the warranty. Ideas?
  4. First of all, I must apologize for not reporting back sooner. It has been six months since my local dealer ordered a new ring and pinion for my car. at the same time that the ring and pinion was replaced, I also had the oil changed. By that time, the mileage was at about 1000. Replacing the ring and pinion made an immediate difference. The car was much quieter, and it felt like it had more power. I do not drive this car much, and given that I wanted to run it on the exact same dyno, I never reported the improvement on this site until I had the numbers. Well, on Friday, February 21, 2014, I finally had a chance to run the car on the same Mustang Products dyno. As I mentioned, in May of 2013 I did two dyno pulls with my 2013 GT500. When I look back to my original post, I see that I had made a typo that I had not noticed until today. Back then, I posted that my GT500 had pulls resulting in 480RWHP@6500rpm in the first run and 455RWHP@6000rpm in the second. The actual numbers back then were 460RWHP@6500rpm in the first run and 455RWHP@6000rpm in the second. DIsmal for this car at best, and what prompted me to post my problem on this site. With approximately 1200 miles on the car, and with the new ring and pinon, I did three pulls on Friday. The results were amazingly improved: 1st pull: 523RWHP@6000rpm 2nd pull: 521RWHP@6000rpm 3rd pull: 518RWHP@6000rpm Close to 70HP improvement over the results from May. The dyno operator had the old record on his file. He was astounded. Needles to say, I am much happier. These pulls were done in 3rd gear, which resulted in about 130mph. The car leaped to redline in each pull, it was incredible. I am certain that when I measure it again at 5000 miles, it will be even slightly better. Again, I apologize for not reporting back sooner. I an mot sure if anyone will even come back to read this, but I did want to post it for those few. If you are experiencing low HP numbers or a loud whine in your differential, here is good evidence for you to take to your dealer for consideration. Thanks to all who give their time and opinions.
  5. Well, I took the car to the dealer. It didn't take three blocks before the Service Manager said "let's replace the ring and pinion". Okay, now about the power. So I am told that Ford dealers have no way to act upon an issue such as this. They can check to see if there are any updates for the software, but they cannot do much more than that. Further, I was told that there is no expressed warranty about the horsepower, so there is nothing that they can do about it. He told me to take it to an aftermarket tuner. Great. Just a note....I was able to compare the dyno results with the other Utah GT500 that ran on this very same dyno with a 530HP result. Our horsepower curves are IDENTICAL until 5000RPM, where mine goes flatline. The other GT500 goes on to 530HP at 6500RPM. Any comments? I will wait for the new ring and pinion. After I get a few miles on it, we will run the dyno again.
  6. Rear end is stock. Car has the SVTPP, but other than that just stock.
  7. I appreciate the opinions and ideas. I am still waiting for an appointment with the local Ford dealer. There is no question that the dyno pull is very hard on the car. I am reluctant to do more just to get another number prior to having the rear end looked at. I ordered this car from Ford through a California dealer. The first 800 miles were made at varying speeds and stop and go traffic between here and Los Angeles. This is my fourth GT500 that I have purchased and broke in this way. Because I did not want to pay California sales tax, I had a representative from the dealership accompany me to Las Vegas. It is interesting because we were both commenting the entire way about the apparent lack of power. Yes, the car only has 3.30 in the rear, but my 2010 was only about 3.55. This is still a powerful car, but it just doesn't feel like it is producing all the ponies. My son has a 2007 STI, and it was all the 2013 could do to pull away from it in some street trials. In one instance, he had a sweeter spot and pulled away from me! Now his car has been on the same dyno and pulled 342RWHP. Granted, much lighter, but both my 2010 and my 2008 pulled away from this car with ease. I honestly feel like the rear end could be a big part of the problem. As I mentioned, the whine at freeway speeds is deafening. If the engine is pushing some tightly bound gears, it is going to cost power. Again, thanks for all your suggestions. I will post what information I get from the dealer.
  8. It was dynoed at Ziptie Dyno Works, here in Utah. True, the 2010 was run on a Dyno-jet, but it was dead stock and still pulled in the 480RWHP range. I am waiting for the dealer to arrange an appointment for me. I currently own a 2008, a 2012, and the 2013. Honestly, the 2013 just doesn't feel like it has any more than the 2012. I appreciate any other input. Thanks to all of you.
  9. Will check the intercooler, but not sure if that will help on the initial pull numbers. All fluid levels good. Not so excited about additives of any kind at this point. Thanks though.
  10. My 2013 has 840 miles on it, so we thought we would run it down to the local Dyno Days. I ran the car on a Mustang Brand Dyno and the two pulls were stunningly bad. FIrst pull was 480RWHP @ 6500RPM (Actually at 5200, then it ran flat to the end.), the second was 455RWHP @ 6000RPM (there was no change in HP from 5000RPM). My 2010 had numbers close to this! Has anyone had any experience with bringing Ford to the task of bringing the motor close to the advertised HP? I was seriously expecting around 540RWHP, am I wrong in expecting that? Also, the rear end whine in this car is deafening at Higher freeway speeds. At 40MPH, you can hear the whine and a higher pitched chirping. Any ideas?
  11. My preference is the exact opposite and I am wondering if anyone can give me a little free information. I own a 2012 GT500 with the SVTPP. I prefer the 5 Spoke from the non-SVTPP. My question(s): can I use the five spoke 18" wheels from the 2010 on this car? If so, is there a preferred tire to use? Can I use the standard 2012 OEM five spoke on a car equipped with the SVTPP? In either case, do I need to make any mods other than a change to the speedo gear? Thanks for your help. You are welcome to answer me direct at kroestenburg@hotmail.com
  12. I miss the clutch on my 2010.....
  13. I have a 2008 GT500 and the clutch is tempermental and unforgiving. I then purchased a 2010, and it was a pure delight. The travel was even and smooth, the engagement predictable. I now have the 2013. I have to apologize to the 2008, lol. This clutch is unfriendly to say the least, and as mentioned above, engagement is just about as you are done lifting your foot. I miss the 2010. Until the 2013 is fully engaged. Wow. I do have a noise in the linkage during the power band. Sounds like a tappet noise, but it is definately in the clutch/linkage. Anyone else?
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