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  1. It should also be noted that running an engine without a thermostat not only allows flow through the radiator at all times but also allows the bypass to stay wide open. This means that under many conditions you will run even hotter than with a thermostat because much of the hot coolant won't go through the rad and will be redirected right back into the engine. A couple people tried this on a Terminator and under street conditions their ECT was well over 200*.
  2. Good info from everyone here guys... thank you all for your support! Yes the thermostat can be used without reprogramming the fan settings but you will only see lower ECTs when the car stays moving at a good speed. Honestly I probably wouldn't even bother swapping in a cooler thermostat unless the vehicle was, at minimum, running a modified tune. You could see slightly lower charge temps using it but for the most part I consider the thermostat a supporting mod for cars running additional timing and/or boost.
  3. I know many of us are running lower than normal concentrations of antifreeze in our coolant and IC systems. With the crazy weather we've been experiencing across the country it's probably a good idea to double check that your concentrations are safe from freezing. A $5 tester from your local auto parts is cheap piece of mind and could save you a cracked block or IC.
  4. Unfortunate that some GT500 owners will have to deal with the same cap sealing issues that the previous models are notorious for. Thank you for posting because this is the first I've heard of this issue on a GT500.
  5. I agree that it's best to read pre-cat but there shouldn't be that much difference. Typically the tailpipe will be a bit leaner but I'd say either your sensor or theirs needs to be recalibrated or replaced. If I was you I'd get it on a 2nd sniffer for confirmation.
  6. But if the thermostat sticks closed or even mostly closed the car will overheat and puke out coolant which will allow air into the system and then eventually you'll have little to no coolant going through the heater core.
  7. A failed thermostat or electric fan may have led to overheating and some lost coolant. Usually no heat means there is a large amount of air in the system. A water pump impeller failure is possible but I'd think the least likely of the 3 possibilities.
  8. Sounds like your setup is coming together nicely. Do you know what correction factor was used?
  9. That's how I understand it as well... the GT500 does not give boost but OBDII in the Terminators does Great product though
  10. Nicely done... It's great to see the level of exhaust knowledge on this forum. Tired of hearing about how backpressure makes power, it does not.
  11. If it increases in severity over bumps then that's starting to sound more like a poorly dampened spring resulting from a spring/shock mismatch.
  12. Very nice... sounds like Brian is doing some nice work on the GT500 blowers as well!
  13. With stock cats in place it is very likely that any of your cars will pass the sniffer, it might also be necessary to reload the OEM tune. As was stated the visual inspection is the tricky part. The last time I had the Terminator smogged the inspector just BSed with me about his car and didn't even bat an eye at the intake and pulley setup.
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