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  1. I picked up a set from Maximum Motorsports and hope to install soon. Anyone have any feedback on these?
  2. All good news here. Shelby CS did contact me back and checked into the delay. In the meantime the package showed up. Took about 4 weeks but they sure are pretty! Hope to install soon.
  3. Ha, I can't even spell Baer right . Thanks for the comments/help here all. I'll contact via phone. Cheers, Jeff
  4. Jer, Wondering if you can help? I placed an order ( #110691) for this kit back on 3/23 but don't know and can't get the status. I sent a request for a status (via an email to the shelby store) back on 4/3/15 but it's been crickets. Please advise, Jeff
  5. I had (about 2 years) pretty much the same setup with 0 issues. My setup was: 2.65 VMP upper 10% IW lower JLT 127 intake tube CJ65 TB 90mm Aux idler Thump tensioner I would recommend the thump tensioner as it's so much easier to use (1/2" drive (instead of 3/8") and more range).
  6. 97% Street driver here and lover the 1 button (anytime) TC Off mode. Love to smoke em at will but not get too out of control. Used to be a Sport Mode guy but that got boring.
  7. Burning Blue was the OG on this. He broke it down so sweetly! You're my boy Blue! Then Ford cracked his nutz for it. Such BS Ford. Let it go.
  8. Nice Mike. Looks great. So you removed the honeycomb grille? What brand insert did you go with? Cheers, Jeff
  9. Brian Pancoast, owner of the PowderHouse! He is the man with the plan He is in CA and might be a member here but if not for sure he is on SVTP (blkGT500nCA). Check him out. I sent to Eric Vaughn who widened to 11.75". Definitely a good fit.
  10. Awesome, thanks Don! I will be sure to tape off the vinyl too. Cheers, Jeff
  11. Thanks Torched! Ordered mine yesterday on AMZN Prime. It should be here by the weekend when I hope to apply. I'll report back.
  12. Yep, I had the calipers powdered by Brian Pancoast. I think he is a vendor/member here and for sure on SVTP. Look him up. He handled all the assembly/disassembly.
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