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  1. This article mentions Shelby GT350: http://blog.americanmuscle.com/leaked-2015-mustang-gt350-confirmed/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=fbpost8292014gt350
  2. ... the length is suppose to be reduced by15" as well. It's definitely going to be a smaller car. That roomy back seat just got a little more cozy
  3. Follow the contour of the '07-'09 OEM GT500 STB Brace. It fits perfectly without rubbing the hood or the SC, however, you will have to make adjustments near the CAI intake. While it fits fine with a baffle delete, it will rub the OEM intake... The OEM STB brace is tubular, so the flat SS design would give you a little more room to work with...
  4. Stop by and see Rick, The Old Man, Corey, and Chumlee- Pawn Stars!
  5. Unfortunately you have to remove the front clip/bumper, but it's not too difficult… Not sure if the OEM harnesses are the same, maybe someone else can chime in…
  6. Good information in this thread: http://www.teamshelby.com/forums/index.php/topic/76382-2010-shelby-billet-fuel-door/page__hl__door__st__40
  7. I know that this has been beat to death… mostly by me, but I finally got around to installing VLed’s 5K LED fog light bulbs (5202/9009/H16). I’ve had a lot of experience with the GT500 fog lights- going back to my ’08 with HID Guy’s claimed “safe” 25w HID bulbs that melted my housings… I ultimately purchase new lenses and then installed various 6K LEDs. I never liked the blue’ish tint, and the lack of projected/useable light as compared to the OEM incandescent bulbs. Additionally, some of them required splicing… Fast forward to VLed’s 5Ks: http://www.vleds.com/5k-white-6-led-...16-1-pair.html They are plug-and-play and they are BRIGHT at 725 lumens. Best of all, they match the 4.3K OEM headlights, which is really what I was looking for from the start. Installation: In the past I had pulled the car onto ramps and removed the bottom panels for access to the rear of the lamps, however, this time I was lazy and simply reached behind the front wheel well panels and unplugged the OEM bulbs; and then plugged in the new LEDs. Total time was about 5 minutes without ramps, removing panels, or the use of tools. Easiest mod to date and highly recommended if you’re tired of those ugly yellow fogs… plus they actually "throw" some light as pictured below...
  8. Thanks... I sent them an email requesting clarification. I will post their response...
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